Just like life, you will encounter problems everywhere you go. Problems do not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Especially if you are well researched, aware of do’s and don’ts and travel with an open mind.My advice for people who want everything to be just like home, do not go traveling.

(1) Disappointment with Accommodation More often than not you will end up with accommodation that will not look like the fancy images you saw online before you booked. Instead of letting this situation ruin your day or holiday, be prepared before you leave for your trip. -Always have a photo of what you saw online when you booked (take a screenshot).Talk to the hotel in a calm and collected state instead of a mad and aggressive state.Most important to remember is you get what you pay for. I encounter a lot of people who love to travel on a budget which means you are not going to have fancy things, that is absolutely fine as long as your expectation matches your budget, but then I meet people who want fancy things for nothing. All I can say is life is simple when you understand the law of attraction. If you for everything cheap you will get everything cheap, You ask, you shall receive. It works the same for affordable, comfortable, luxury, etc.Always have travel insurance that covers accommodation.I recommend booking your accommodation with Booking Com. Always put your safety first. If the accommodation you have booked looks or feels dangerous walkway, forget about the money if they don’t offer refunds.


(2) Missing / Delayed flights.In the modern day and age of fast technology, and one might think everything should be on time you will encounter delayed flights. Delayed flights are something you can not control or change, my recommendation is to get yourself an excellent book or magazine and settle in or get a nice glass of wine and people watch. Do not waste your energy been mad or upset. This will not change the situation. Delayed flights are more popular with national flights than international, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get an international flight that has been delayed due to weather or mechanical problems. If you have a connecting flight, and the first leg is delayed, there is a chance you will miss the connecting flight, call or email the airline and explain the situation immediately. Alway have Travel Insurance that covers the flights. I recommend booking your flights with Kiwi Com

(3) Getting sick after all, we are only humans. Not often but at some point, during your travels, you will get sick whether you like it or not. Prepare for worst and hope for the best is my motto when I travel. Alway travel with a first aid (Diarrhea medicine (Imodium or Pepto-Bismol), Antacid, Antihistamine, Motion sickness medicine, Cough drops, cough suppressant, or expectorant, Decongestant, Pain and fever medicine (acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen), Mild laxative and Mild sedative or sleep aid)If you have picked up a virus and running high temperatures on the plane, train or while on the road tell one of the staff and get help. Get to the doctors as soon as possible. You rather be sick two days of your holidays than ten days of your holidays. Alway get Travel insurance that covers medical and hospital.


(4) Feeling Lonely As much as I love been on my own and enjoy my own company, I do get lonely sometimes. It is totally ok to feel alone. But it is not ok to feel sorry for yourself and act like a victim. If you are an introvert, this is going to be harder for you, but you must get out there and meet other people. Talk to the people or staff at the hotel, go to a coffee bar like Starbucks, because it is an international brand people who hang out there are tourists just like you. Always use your sixth sense, your gut feeling when you are meeting people for the first time. Pay attention to details like hand movements, eyes, words they use, these are the clues to whether you are in the right company or not. Keep yourself busy

(5) Losing your bag/luggage/ passport. This does not happen often but at some point, it will, and you rather be prepared than sorry. Especially your passport. -Always carry your passport on you. Have a copy in your bag and leave a copy at home with family or friend. Airlines lose bags occasionally, or people can take your bag by mistake (especially if the bags are identical). It happened to me in Honolulu. To avoid this have your bags named and locked. Have your address and mobile number on the name tag so people can get in touch with you. In my case, I called the airline I was flying with, they dropped my bag off and took the wrong bag to the right person. Always keep calm and collected. Panicking will not change the situation.


(6) Sick and tired of lugging your heavy suitcase This is the biggest problem for a Solo Traveler because everywhere you go your bags go with you. Best way to deal with this issue is to learn how to pack light. Invest in an excellent, lightweight suitcase or backpack that has good rollers and balance. If you have to carry your bag up and down the stairs remember to take your time and, don’t rush. If you do let someone carry your bag for you, do keep a very close eye on that person and your bag, as you might not get it back.

(7) Getting mugged/hurt/raped/murdered world is a beautiful place, and we all want to think that everyone will meet in our travels are beautiful people. But now or then you will encounter people who will try to pickpocket, hurt, rape or even murder you. I have a straight forward rule for solo traveling, don’t go out alone at night, no ifs or buts. Just don’t do it. If you want to go out at night time, do a group tour (e.g., food tour, shows, etc.) or if you make new friends you trust go with them. Do not carry expensive things or wear expensive jewelry, and this will stop the unwanted attention. Always have your mobile phone on you and fully charged. Inform someone at the hotel that you are going out, and you are traveling alone, so they keep an eye on your return. If you have this feeling that something is not right, walk away from that, don’t talk yourself into, “oh I am in Paris only once, or I am a big girl, I can do this, etc.). Not listening to your gut feeling is not called brave it is called stupid. Solo travelers have lost lives by making wrong choices.

Sandy island with the palm inside the lagoon of Bora-Bora with the anchored catamarans beside

(8) Getting ripped off / overcharged This does happen, especially when people know you are a tourist. Some countries you can disguise the fact that you are a tourist. But some places you cant. In those places, you have to do your research thoroughly and be street smart. Know what a taxi will cost you from airport to hotel. If the meter is not on, agree on the price before you get in. Always ask if the cost includes everything, so there are no last-minute surprises, e.g., your accommodation cost 20 Euro great deal right, oh wait the linen is extra, the toiletries are extra. Food some restaurants have an additional cost to sit down and eat at the restaurant which is not mentioned anywhere on the menu etc., to avoid conflict later ask before you sit down to eat. Always check your bill before you pay. Always count your change before you leave the shop or cafe or service provider.

(9) Food Poisoning Food poising is very popular amongst budget travelers. Who doesn’t love to try all different foods and taste when you are traveling. If you are eating off the street markets, be smart about your choices. Everyone has different pallets and have a different level of tolerance for different food. I always go with what looks like a good health regulated cafe, etc. Taking a risk with food can be dangerous and cost money on a hospital trip or missing out on holiday activities.


(10) Jet LagThe long haul flights are the worst. There is not an easy way of doing the long, long haul flights except first class. For those who can not afford first class like myself, I recommend these. Drink lots of water. Get up often and stretch. Do not eat when you are not hungry. Take an herbal base sleeping table to get some shut-eye Watch or read funning things, laughing is good medicine.

(11) Language problemsYes, tomato, tomato ….. One of the reasons I love traveling is because I love language. I am not saying I can speak a lot of different languages, but I can appreciate them. Always carry a book or App on your phone that will help you translate. At least say hello and thank you in the local language, with a big smile. A smile is a universal language. Just because they do not speak English does not mean they are dumb or stupid – so please treat the locals and yourself with respect. If you start getting frustrated with not getting the message across, ask around if anyone there speaks English and the local language and ask for help. In my experience, people are always happy to help.

(12) Isn’t culture shock experiencing different cultures fun? To appreciate culture, you need an open mind. Wear clothes that locals wear that is the only way you are going to have an authentic local experience. Show respect to the local culture even if you don’t agree or like it. These cultures have been in existence for thousands of years. They are not going to change it because you don’t like it. Some cultures can be very conservative; that is why I would recommend learning about the local culture before you visit.



#Travelquote: “Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things: air, sleep, dreams, sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” – Cesare Pavese

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