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How to pick a hotel

Accommodation Booking

There are so many choices on the market nowadays and so many different ways of booking your room.

I personally use all three of these companies to book my accommodation. 

I recommend Booking com, Accor and Expedia … these companies offer a good range of qulity accommdation for every budget. I kind working with these compaines very easy and stressfree. But you do not to do your reserach first. 

Must check 

Hotels cancellation policy

Hotels reception hours

Hotels parking options 

Hotels lift / stairs (especially if you are needing wheelchair access)

Booking com is my go-to site when it comes to booking accommodation; it gives me more flexibility with a change of dates and cancellation in case of emergency. I had missed my connecting train from the airport to the hotel in Lyon, France once; it was very late at night, so I decided to stay near the airport and travel next day, the dates were changed at no extra cost and hassle-free.

Expedia book flights


Expedia is great platform if you want to book accommocation and flights together. I find it very easy and stressfree. One stop for all my travel booking. With this platform alway check that you are seaching in your local currency and also read the cancellation policy for your hotel and airline. It is a must.


Accommodation Booking

Accor Hotels

I have joined there loyalty program, every time I stay with them I get points that accumulate to free nights, etc. Their loyalty program is easy and free to join. Accor also offers rooms for every budget, cheap and cheerful to ultimate luxury.


As  a solo traveler – 

I look for hotel is in a safe area. Hotels that has 24 hours reception and close to cafes etc if there is no restaurant on site. If you are wanting cheaper accommodation, which means there will not be a 24-hour reception after you book make sure you email your arrival time and all your contact details to the hotel. Please do check all the cancellation policy when you picking a hotel as each hotel is different, read all the fine prints and make sure you have your booking confirmation with you.

When I am traveling with my family 

I look for hotels / Apartments with kitchen and laudry. A car parking and away from the hussle and bussle of the city. I prefer beach front or lake front. Always check the reception hours, and cancellation policy.  

Accommodation is normally the key element of how your holiday is going to go. If you pick this right, you are going to have an awesome time. 

If you need help with getting the right hotel ot room for you and your family. Book a free consultation and let me help you get your holiday started on the right foot.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

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