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When choosing a rental car, especially when you are traveling solo, it is a must that the rental car company provides, roadside service, 24/7 support and has a handy location to pick up and drop off. Always read the fine prints and please I can not stress this enough, get insurance.

If you do not fancy driving, I suggest the Train is a great way to get around in most countries.


Hertz Car Rentals

This is a worldwide company, they are located in most of the airports for your convenience. The online shop is easy to use and offers you very competitive rates and a great selection of cars from economical to dream selection. They have a great support system which is available 24/7.

Auto Europe Car Rentals

This is my favorite, Worldwide location makes it easy and simple and they offer competitive rates and a great selection of cars from Economical to Luxury. They also have a great support system and easy to deal with.


Rail Europe

Traveling through Europe is so easy and cheap by Train. I find if you pick early morning or late night train, it is much less expensive. If you are a comfort traveler, you can select a first class and travel in style.

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Travelling Helps your Brain come ALIVE

Travelling Helps your Brain come ALIVE

Travelling HELPS your Brain Brain / Mental health – the subject no one wants to talk about. The Brain is classed as dark and mysterious. Brain a medical term used by doctors, not a term normal people like you and I would use.

Safe Option FOR Solo Traveller

Safe Option FOR Solo Traveller

SAFE OPTION FOR SOLO TRAVELLER Safety!!!! Yes, the most important thing when you are traveling solo. There are many great ways of traveling solo and staying safe. The one I highly recommend, especially if it’s your very first Solo trip overseas is a guided tour. I know a lot of you have the wrong impression […]

Why Travel Solo??????

Why Travel Solo??????

WHY TRAVEL SOLO I get asked this question a lot. I always answer ….Why not?? I know, that is not an answer, it’s just another question. But isn’t it a great question?? I know many travel bloggers have great reasons and answers, Why Travel Solo????

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