Travelling Alone…. 4 simple steps to get started

Start small, this way you do not find yourself out of your depth, and it will encourage you to keep going. I used to admire people who were traveling alone and always wondered how they did it.  Here is how I started and it is my own experience, it might work for you, it might not. Take what intrigues you and add a bit of your spice to the recipe to make it your own

  • (1) Go out for coffee. IMG_6701Sounds easy right? For some, it might be but for most its a scary thought. I am not talking about getting a takeaway coffee to sit in the car and drink. I am talking about going to a cafe you have not been before (new place), getting your favorite hot or cold beverage and sitting down to enjoy your drink. No chatting on mobile or social media or reading a book. Make yourself aware of your surrounding and accept the fact you are sitting alone. Sit tall and breath deep and smile. Give yourself 30 mins, do not walk away before the 30 mins are over.

Solo Travel

  • (2) Go out for dinner. IMG_8541 Ok, this sounds a little more difficult than going out for coffee, but you can do this. If I can, then you definitely can. Go earlier, for example, if the dinner service starts at 5.30pm go at 6 pm. If the dinner service begins at 8 pm go at 8.30pm. The reason for this is the restaurant will not be full, and you will feel more relaxed and enjoy yourself, especially if it’s your very first time dining alone. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful, do not rush. Make eye contact with other people in the restaurant and smile, by doing this you will allow yourself to relax. Again sit tall and breath deep. Give yourself 2 hours.

Solo Travel

  • (3) A day trip, IMG_3843 to a town close by, somewhere you haven’t been before, allow maximum 2 hours drive. Take your mobile phone for emergency only. Pick your favorite thing to do, like going for a bush walk or surfing or walking through the markets, Whatever you decide to do keep a close eye on what you are feeling and what you are thinking. Allow those feelings and thoughts to happen and going. If a lot of your feelings and thoughts are negative, e.g. every one must think I am a loser, I look stupid walking alone, I feel like people are laughing at me…. this is normal and its ok. Your belief is conditioned – Alone is suffering. Good news, you can change this, it takes time, but it will happen. Alone is fun, peaceful, content and happiness. When you get back home after your day out Alone, if you feel your belief has shifted then go to step 4 otherwise do step one, two and three again, some people take longer than others. I did step one five times before I could go out for dinner alone.

Solo Travel

  • (4) A weekend away. IMG_3148Please do not take this if you have NOT done step 1, 2 and 3. Otherwise, you will find yourself sitting in your hotel room with room service all weekend. That is not going to be fun. For a weekend away, pick a place you can fly to in your country. E.g., I lived in Auckland, New Zealand. My first solo weekend away was in Queenstown, New Zealand. Pick a place you have always wanted to go. Book a hotel in the center of the city or town, this might cost a little more, but for your first solo traveling experience, this will make the weekend more fun. Do things you love; I love wine tasting, hiking, fine dining, and dancing. Yes, you can go dancing alone. The key again is to allow yourself to accept all your feelings negative and positive, then take a deep breath and smile.

Remember, Travelling Alone takes a lot of courage to give yourself time. It took me 14 months from going out for coffee by myself to going away for a weekend. The steps above have worked for me, and I hope it helps you.

Solo Travel

#Travelquote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch


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