Italian Pasta to French Pastry

…… and everything in between
London, The city of History. Everyone is crazy busy chasing a dream to be someone. London is perceived to be the place of opportunity. London had the vibe of the sky is the limit. Nothing is too hard or too easy if you want it bad enough.



Paris … The city of Love. Paris is perceived to be the place of art and culture. The love as we know it is not what city of love means. It’s the love of art, poems/ books, fashion. Paris had a vibe of so much elegance and glamor, beauty, and passion. The passion for writing and creating. You name it: Artists, writers, painters, designers, and dreamers.



Switzerland (Luzern) … City of Soul (reminds me of Wanaka NZ) Picture perfect. Luzern is perceived to be a natural wonder. The sun is rising over the snowy mountains. The lake stays so still and peaceful. Fresh, crisp air, so many different shades of green grass, trees, forestry and the night falls with the fireplace going, Stars glowing in the sky and the beautiful reflection of the moon on the lake. It had a vibe of clarity and re-energizing of one’s soul

Italy (Venice) … City of mystery. Venice is perceived to be unique. Nothing like it exists. Crazy busy …..people everywhere. You are deceived by the surrounding of water and beautiful waterways; you feel like you are the only one here. It had a vibe of instant attraction. You find yourself very drawn to this place wanting to find out more or to know more. I find mystery very attractive… I just feel in love

Italy (Florence) … City of romance. Florence is perceived to be a city full of culture, food, art and history of love/ romance. The Tuscan hills are full of beautiful hideaways/ vineyards/mountains. You find yourself dreaming of having dinner under the stars listening to romantic Italian songs.

Italy (Rome) … City of seduction and sex. Rome is perceived to be the city of imagination…. offering culture, food, romance, drama, ending in subjugation. You find yourself imaging the city seducing you with mouth-watering food and wine. Then you visit the Travis fountain which has a vibe of not romance or love … but seduction … you imagine sitting by the fountain at night and feeling the sensation of everything (from excitement to scared) from your head to your toe. 

 These beautiful cities in Europe stole my heart.


#Travelquote: “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


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