Me, Myself and I arrived at Heathrow airport in London 5.05am. What a fantastic 29 hours it had been, getting through customs didn’t take very long, the drive to the hotel was comfortable, no traffic at this hour of the morning. As we drove through the quiet streets of London, the sun was just starting to rise, few people jogging, biking and walking, few buses and road workers out and about but other than that it’s hushed, I thought London is one of the cities that doesn’t sleep.


Solo Travel



I arrived at my Hotel Park Plaza Westminster; It was too early to check in, so I leave my bags at the hotel and go for a walk. About 11 am my room was ready for me to check-in. I was so happy to throw my bags and jump in the shower, nice hot shower and change of clothes were just what I needed. Oh, that’s what I thought anyways….. I lay down on the bed for 5 seconds and the next thing I know its 5 hours later. Well, it’s now 5 pm, and I have slept the whole afternoon ….not impressed with myself what so ever, I didn’t come to London to rest. Time for some lovely food. Hopefully, food that doesn’t come in a box or container, and some excellent wine. I head down to this beautiful Japanese restaurant, well I thought something healthy would be nice, but was it healthy hahaha I meet some charming people at this restaurant who invited me to join them for drinks after dinner. We head down to this old English pub. A tiny space packed with people. After talking to these people, I realized that everyone here is from somewhere else, they not even born in the UK leave alone in London. It was amazing to see how all these different cultures have come together to embrace English culture. I found myself having a lot of fun, learning a lot about English literature and the lingo ….. a pint of beer not glass of beer, lorry not truck hehe. The History was mind-blowing; this pub was 600 years old. Same name and same building just different deco and people. Back at the hotel, 2 am now; my body clock is running on Australian time. I am finding it hard to sleep. After a little turning and tossing, I end up getting a good few hours sleep.



Up with the birds this morning, I open the curtains to my room and there it is the beautiful Big Ben glowing over the bridge. It’s also 6 am and still dark outside. I get my joggers on and wander out for a run along the river; I did not realize how beautiful this place is. Old yes but so rich in history, it’s almost like walking in a history book. On the way back from my jog I spotted Starbucks, Mmmmm I love Chai Latte from Starbucks, so I make a quick stop and get my morning dose of caffeine and head back to the hotel. I ask the gentleman at reception how to get to Piccadilly Circus. He hands me a map, I sit down with my Chai Latte and the map, and I study the map like I have an exam to take ….haha… I mark out the places I want to go to. I am going to take myself on a walking tour, a self-guided walking tour. I hit the shower get changed and hit the road. Me, Myself and I on the self-guided walking tour, this is going to be fun. Walking over the Westminster Bridge on the left is the Big Ben and on the right is the London Eye. This bridge is getting busy, and people are selling things, busking, walking or just hanging out. I make my way to the Trafalgar Square to the famous Piccadilly Circus, talk about shopping paradise and talk about pubs on every corner. I am in heaven, what else can a girl ask for, shopping and drinking ……..

Solo Travel

An eventful day for Me, Myself and I. I can not believe how much fun I had today. Shopping, wandering the streets, talking to other tourist and just merely sightseeing. I get back to my hotel and retire to my room with a big glass of red wine and the biggest kebab you have ever seen hehe…….. I slept like a baby after walking the streets of London for 6 hours straight


Another perfect day in London, clear skies, warm by locals definition but I had to have a jacket on. After my trip to Starbucks I take a tour of Hop on Hop off a bus, The tour of London:
The first lap I just stayed on the bus, after that, I visited Buckingham Palace and the St James Park. I didn’t realize how it was a full-on performance for the audience during the changing of guards; It was awesome to be able to see that. In the St James Park, these little squirrels are running around everywhere; there are not scared of humans, they walk up to you expecting to get peanuts, amazing animals. Just to name the few highlights: London Bridge/ The Shard, the tower of London and the tower bridge. The day just went.

Solo Travel

I head back to the hotel for lovely relaxing afternoon tapas and cocktail and head out for the night tour on a hop on hop off bus. I love to see everything by night. It’s different energy; everything lightens up and feels more calm and relaxing.
There is still so much more to see and do in London, but I only had three days. I have to pack tonight for an early start tomorrow. Off to Paris
I can’t wait to come back to revisit London someday….. there I was Little Old me in Big Old London…………………. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


#Travelquote: “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury


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