Florence, Italy. Where should I start …… or should I say… How should I start………. it is like that quite natured person that people warn you to watch out for …… they are usually the ones who surprise you or shock you or impress you the most. Honestly, Florence just blew me away, the beautiful landscape, enriched in history together with the essence of romance. I am lost for words. Which hardly ever happens.. hahaha…


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On my tour of the city of Florence my first stop was this ancient bridge called The Ponte Vecchio, or if you want to say it like Italians do “Ponte Vekkjo,” it is a Medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River. The bridge consists of three segmental arches and had shops selling everything from jewelry, art, books to souvenirs. It was like walking into the history section of the library. Just to imagine that people were here in year 996 walking over the Arno river at this very spot I am standing on right now….. Amazing


I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to visit this beautiful restaurant hidden away in the Tuscan hills. The drive through the beautiful Tuscan hill was incredible. You might say romantic. Driving up the rolling hills with the sun just setting in the distance, the sky was slowly turning into a beautiful sun-kissed orange color, and my excitement level was slowly rising … Me, Myself and I, all three of us hehe are looking forward to my first Tuscany dining experience.



When I arrive at the restaurant, walking down the footpath, a beautiful garden setting, with a beautiful little fountain in the middle. I get greeted with a glass of traditional Italian welcome drink. My first thoughts… blue wine, can’t be right but I was impressed at first sip, then hooked.Soft music played in the background. What is it about the Italian language, I do not understand a word of what this gorgeous man is singing, but it sounded so romantic. I can comfortably sit here enjoying this fantastic, mouth-watering Italian food under the stars and listen to this music all night. The whole dining experience in Tuscany was like I died and went to heaven, Italian Heaven. The romance was definitely in the air


Must see when in Florence

(1) Florence Cathedral (Medieval Cathedral)


(2) Uffizi Gallery (Art Museums)

(3) Ponte Vecchio (Medieval stone bridge)

(4) Clime Duomo and Bell Dome

(5) Visit Leather Market (next to San Lorenzo Church)

(6) Piazzale Michelangelo (Lookout)

(7) Do the wine and food tour

(8) Eat as much Gelato’s as you can 🙂




Florence is full of amazing art sculptures, displaying the impression of the events from history and Italian culture, I enjoyed taking in everything this beautiful city had to offer. I have to say now I have a new admiration for those quite one’s ………… I can not wait to visit Florence again


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