………On a Journey called Traveling Solo to Self Discvery




Do you know for a middle-aged female traveler to travel solo is socially not accepted in today’s society? It’s fawned upon like there is something wrong with people like me. I must be the biggest loser for traveling alone.
I know its funny, world has come so far, from the conventional expectations of doing things in the right way. Right Way????? … Yes …. Go to school. Get a degree. Get a job. Get married. Buy a house. Buy a car. Have kids. Go on family holidays. All these are the right things. Or is it????










Who made these rules? Who decided what is right and what is wrong? Why people judge others if you are not following THE rule??? Why is it wrong for a woman to travel alone? Why is it wrong for a woman to be single? Why is it wrong for a woman to earn more money than a man? Why is it wrong for a woman to drive a V8 car?


Skycity tower, Auckland City

So here’s the thing. All my life I lived in this so-called “right” world. Did everything by the rule. Then one day, I woke up with this feeling. There must be more to life than just this ……., 
As it turns out … I was right. I want to live my life my way, by my rules. I do not need to worry about what people think of me or if I am accepted in this so-called “right” world.








I started to do short and small distance traveling with me, myself and I. Yes all three of us hahaha. Lived all my life in New Zealand but I haven’t experienced anything, I have seen different towns and visited different places, but I can not say I truly experienced it. After Spending a lot of time exploring my beautiful home country, New Zealand and leaning a lot, from each town, people, culture, I can now confess I am addicted to Travelling.




SOLO Travel




I enjoyed every moment of it. Even when I found myself sitting in the cafe all alone having a cup of chai latte, I found myself feeling so happy and at peace. Being alone is ok. It’s ok to eat alone, and it’s ok to sit alone. I surprised myself. I honestly believed after my first trip by myself I will hate the idea of being alone. But it was refreshing to learn when you are not talking non-stop you turn to use all the other Sense we are blessed with. Like Feel, Listen, See, Taste…. you get time to sit down and think. Yes, remember, A lot of us don’t get time to do.








We are too busy running after something. We plan our days packed with activities. Wake up, go for a run, make breakfast, get the kids ready, make lunch, get yourself ready, drop the kids to school, go to work, work all day, pick kids up from school, run around doing after school activities, get home, clean, cook, help kids with homework and then you do it all over again next day and the day after that. Now there is nothing wrong with this but why is it we don’t put “time out” in this busy schedule. Why are we so scared to be alone with our thoughts?








Last year I braved up for a bigger adventure. That’s right…. time to head to the Northern hemisphere. Am I ready for this??? Am I crazy? Flying from Brisbane, Australia to London, UK. Some might say it’s not a big deal. For me, it will be pushing my limits.







#Travelquote: I travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape me….. 🙂




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