Self Discovery with Yogita Ridgley- Boot Camp


“Experience the joy of reconnecting with your true self”

Workshops and Activities especially designed to focus on Inner Self Love, Self Care and gaining real Self Worth and Respect allowing you to become the best version of yourself

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Welcome to Self Discovery with Yogita Ridgley – Boot Camp

Imagine if you had the power to create the life you want.

Imagine you had –

a perfect job,

a perfect marriage,

perfect family,

perfect health and body,

perfect home,

perfect you ….. while you imagine this …take a deep breath and notice your feelings…. are you feeling excited, happy, comfortable, life with easy and no stress, life with total freedom and satisfaction….

All that you can imagine is in your mind. It starts from your mind and your thoughts …. this can become your reality.

Let’s see… we are in charge of our thoughts that create our reality!!!! We are responsible for our lives???

We have to ask ourselves…… if we are responsible for creating the life we are living, then why are we not living the life we want??

Ask yourself – If I can create the life I want …., then why am I not creating it. What is stopping me?

To create your perfect life…..

You will need to start from self-discovery… learn who you are, what your triggers are, what your fears are, what your weakness is.. and learn what your strengths are, what your greatest gift is, and what comes naturally, effortlessly to you. Once you have done this, you will need to aline your strengths with your values and your gift and let life do magic for you…..

What is this Boot Camp all about??

Self Discovery. It is an essential journey for everyone.

Who is the perfect person to attend this Retreat??

A person ready to take total responsibility for his or her life, ready to be the best version of yourself and live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

Why you need to be at this Retreat??

You are sick of feeling stuck, you are feeling suffocated, you are struggling, you are suffering and you want to know how you ended up creating this life for yourself and how you can change it.

How will the Retreat help??

It will allow you to connect within, let go of the past, embrace the future. Create the future you want.

Meet the Host

Yogita Ridgley is an international award-winning motivational speaker, published author, Mindset coach and mentor and a solo traveler. She spends years being labeled “Stupid” due to her Dyslexia. Not being able to read, write, and spell-like others at school, high school, and university, Yogita was left feeling worthless and struggled with low self-esteem. Yogita’s transformation from low self-esteem to author, motivational speaker, and successful businesswoman came after she embarked on a self-discovery journey. Yogita now hosts retreats, takes tours overseas, speaks on world stages, and empowers people to unleash the power of your authentic self.

Yogita has been featured in ……

Sunshine Coast Daily – Print coverage

Buderim Chronicle – Print Coverage

YMag – Print coverage and online


What to Expect over the two days

The two days are divided in four parts – Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

Start with yoga, meditation, mindful intentions for the day, Easy  techniques that you can implement in your daily life’s after the Retreat


8am to 9am – Registration

9 am – 10 am – Mindfullness /Meditation /Yoga

10am – 1pm Mindset workshop

1pm – 2pm – Lunch Break

2pm – 7pm – Soulset (Soulful / Spirituality)workshop


8am – 9am – Mindfullness /Meditation /Yoga

9.30 am – 12.30am  Heartset Workshop

12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch break

1.30pm – 5pm All about Body Workshop & Mastermind Class

2 Day Pass – (Valued at $1997) yours to transform your life for only $597.00 

Included in the ticket price

2 day pass to the Retreat

1 to 1 (60min session worth $197.00 ) with Yogita Ridgley





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