EBook – Finding Me, Myself and I


Finding Me, Myself, and I, will take you through a journey of self-discovery, and self-accepting. The writer shares her struggles with self-identity and self-worth. How traveling solo helped her find the courage to face the truth and, embrace all her strengths and weaknesses along the way.


Finding Me, Myself and I ,The writer, Yogita Ridgley expresses how the world perceives that she has it all – but on the inside, she was a mess. Trapped between what she felt she was capable of and what the world told her, she felt lost, unappreciated, unheard, and unloved.

By day, she immersed herself in the busyness of life, putting all her time and energy into caring for her family and running a successful business. But in the quiet of the night, alone with her thoughts, she felt disconnection and despair. For years, she hid her insecurities behind the walls she had built to protect herself from the world.

Yogita shares her vulnerability in Finding Me, Myself and I, in the hope to help anyone who is struggling with self-worth, and true purpose. She believes that if you don't have self-worth, you will continue to stay in toxic relationships whether it is love, work, family, or friendship. You will continue to play the victim role and you will never find the happiness and joy you deeply desire.

Finding Me, Myself, and I is the book you need to read if you are ready to face your fears and ready to change your life. Read this book if you want more for yourself and your loved ones.



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Why Travel Solo
For me, it was to find me again, when I booked my very first – solo travel, I was trying to run away from everyone and everything. All I wanted was to have some peace and some me time…….
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