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Yogita Ridgley is the CEO and Founder of “Traveling with Me, Myself, and I”

Author of “Finding Me, Myself and I”

Yogita’s authentic self was trapped behind walls she had built over decades from fear of being judged, limiting her ability to take her business and personal life to the heights she so desired.

In 2012 Yogita’s life changed forever when she took off on a solo trip to London to run away from her life but then she discovered all the strengths she needed to live the life of her dreams was within her and all she needed to do was Unleash the Power of her Authentic self.

Yogita went on and became one of the first inspirational speakers who mentors women to unleash the power of their Authentic Self.

In 2017 Yogita became an entrepreneur and built a life-changing business model “Solo Travel to Self Discovery” which now runs workshops, events, retreats, group travels and one to one coaching.

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Topic 01 – The Power of Authentic Self

How to remove the masks, pull all the walls down and how to be the most Honest and True version of yourself. Have a real connection with yourself and others.


Topic 02 – Mastering the language of Mind

How to preceive all your extrenal information through your internal programing. Learn to self-control, overcome Ego, Envy, Greed, jealousy, and competition.


Topic 03 – Mental Health and Wellbeing

How to have the unshakeable and unbreakable Mindset – the major cause of depression, anxiety, stress and burnouts are a result of our mindset. Learn how to improve productivity by working on your mindset.


Would you …. Dare to Travel Solo

Would you …. Dare to Travel Solo

DARE TO TRAVEL SOLO WOULD YOU …… DARE TO TRAVEL SOLO??? Do you love looking in the mirror? Do you love the person looking back at you when you look in the mirror? If you answered NO to these questions then you need to KEEP READING THIS…….  



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Why Visit Magnificent Mountain Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

Why Visit Magnificent Mountain Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

MOUNTAIN MONTSERRAT  MAGICAL or MAGNIFICENT One of the “must visits” when in Spain is Mountain Montserrat. Whether you are a believer or not this place will take your breath away. This spectacularly beautiful mountain is about an hours drive North West from Barcelona.

Life is about finding our souls' true purpose no matter what disabilities or limitations we might have. Don't stop living your dream.

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