Yogita Ridgley is the CEO and Founder of Traveling with Me, Myself, and I. She is an award-winning international speaker, author of the book “Finding Me, Myself and I”, number one bestseller on Amazon, and co-author of the book “Undefeated” and “Women Inspired”. 

Yogita was featured by one of the Australian Magazines as a Female Change Maker. She was a finalist of an Innovative business Award and leadership award in 2019/20. Yogita was awarded second place in the People’s Choice Category for Making a Difference (Health & Wellbeing) QLD & NT 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards.

Yogita Ridgley is Dyslexic, she spent over 30 years of her life being ashamed and embarrassed by this fact. Her authentic self was trapped behind walls from fear of being judged, rejected, and not good enough, limiting her ability to take her business and personal life to the heights she so desired. After starting her journey to self-discovery, where she tapped into her strengths of being Dyslexic. Yogita is now a successful entrepreneur and has built a life-changing business model, “Solo Travel to Self Discovery”. She has solo traveled to 54 countries and spoken in 16 countries at corporate conferences, business women’s conferences, and women’s empowerment events.

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Topic One – How to Unleash the Power of your Authentic Self

To achieve the best results in personal life and the business world it is imperative to know your strengthens and weakness. Yogita knows exactly what it took her to get where she is today. She shares her secrets as she brings awareness to your power and how you can use it. Find your authentic self, learn to connect with you, and win the respect of customers, investors, and employees and priorities Lead with significance, integrity, and success.

Topic Two – Mastering the Language of Mind

How to use communication to stand out in personal life and the business world. The story of products and services, brands and organizations; everything now is about emotion. The way we communicate with ourselves is the way we communicate with others, this shapes the way we communicate in personal life and in business. In this session, you’ll discover The secret ingredients of sharing powerful stories in order to win minds and hearts that will be productive for you and your business.

Topic Three – Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace

People/staff are more productive when they have a healthy mindset and supportive work environment. How to transform the toxic environment into success. The interactive presentation discovers how the human mind works. It will give you steps to put in place for your staff and yourself to maximize profit and success in life and business.

Topic Four – Travel, Innovation, and Travel industry.

Travel is a business of emotions, we do not sell products or services, we sell experiences. How to communicate to influence and persuade the travelers in future for your domestic market and international market. In this session, you’ll discover, Why the method is important than content. Learn people’s behavior and needs to understand and create the right experience for them. How to utilize your local products.






Barcelona at a Glance, Spain

Barcelona at a Glance, Spain

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8 things you Must do when visiting Madrid City, Spain

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Travelling in Style at Hotel Ritz Madrid, Spain

Travelling in Style at Hotel Ritz Madrid, Spain

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