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When you are looking to book all your travel needs in one place, not always the cheapest but definitely the hassle-free and easy way to book.


Book all your travel needs in one place, flights, accommodation, day tours, airport transfers, travel insurance, etc. By becoming a member, you will receive all the upcoming deals and discounts on offer, but you also receive information on all the remarkable destinations you can visit. This is an expensive way of booking but its simple and all in one place. I use this for last minute bookings.


Trendy online travel agency primarily focused on international travel. Doesn’t matter what location you are traveling, Vayama will find you a comprehensive list of airlines, hotels, tours, transfers for you to choose from. From Budget to Luxury, it serves all my travel needs.


They offer the best price guaranteed. They have a wide range of products and specialize in cruises. I use Travelocity when I am going to buy a holiday land or cruise package, which includes all the flights, transfers, accommodation and meals.

Traveling with Me, Myself and I contain affiliate links. If you purchase products, like Travel Insurance or Book your Flight or Hotel etc using the links provided, I will earn a small commission. This costs you NOTHING extra. My recommendations are for products that I use or that have been highly rated. These commissions help me run my website and help all the travelers with helpful tips on how to Travel Safe, Travel Smart and Travel Solo. Thank you for your support, your business and your friendship. Yogita XX

Floating City Venice, Italy

Floating City Venice, Italy

Venice As soon as you hear Italy the first thing pops into peoples head is mouth-watering food and hot sexy men. I was prepared to keep an open mind on both counts haha … and I was very excited about experiencing the beautiful Venice/ Venezia my way…

Why visit Lucerne,Switzerland

Why visit Lucerne,Switzerland

Why visit Lucerne, Switzerland??? The most amazing feeling about traveling is visiting a place for the very first time without any expectation and an open mind. I was what you might be able to say a virgin when it came to Lucerne. I researched every stop online when I was traveling through Europe and knew […]

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

EIFFEL TOWER  Took my breath away Paris and I …. was love at first sight, Paris is the city you will either just love or just hate…. there is no in-between feeling about Paris. Its elegance and glamour attract all the dreamers and lovers. The definition of lovers is not necessary the love between a […]




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