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Each country has different regulations when it comes to Visas so please check on your government site. Link for Australian travelers.


not all countries require the travelers to be immunized, please check before you have this done.



Remember all countries require you to have a valid passport, you also required to have at least 6 months left before your passport expires.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must-have, especially if you are traveling overseas. Accidents, Getting sick, Bad weather, Thief, Delay or Missing Flights etc – all these are unexpected, but it does happen. you are better off having insurance. There is nothing better than peace of mind.

Travelex Currency Card

Having this card makes you simply A Smart Traveler. Your money is easy to access. You can withdraw cash or pay with a card. The flexibility of having all these different currencies at your fingertips makes Travelling Life easy. No administration cost involved…. I do not leave home without this card.

Traveling with Me, Myself and I contain affiliate links. If you purchase products, like Travel Insurance or Book your Flight or Hotel etc using the links provided, I will earn a small commission. This costs you NOTHING extra. My recommendations are for products that I use or that have been highly rated. These commissions help me run my website and help all the travelers with helpful tips on how to Travel Safe, Travel Smart and Travel Solo. Thank you for your support, your business and your friendship. Yogita XX



WHEN IN ROME … DO WHAT ROMANS DO 🙂 Rome or Roma, This historical city is home to the Colosseum, the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the Castel Sant’ Angelo, St Peter’s Basilica, The Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, Piazza Della Repubblica just to name a few must-sees in Rome. As a tourist, we always […]

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Florence Florence, Italy. Where should I start …… or should I say… How should I start………. it is like that quite natured person that people warn you to watch out for …… they are usually the ones who surprise you or shock you or impress you the most. Honestly, Florence just blew me away, the […]

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