Beautiful France 

Lyon, beautiful city south of France, mmmm how do I describe my experience of Lyon. Let us see; you know when you go on a date.  You start with the first impression when you get to learn more by paying attention to details; then you determine if you want to spend any more time with this person or is it better to keep moving. Well, t was like that for me.


Solo Travel

When I first met Lyon, I was impressed, he was dressed smart, was nice on the eyes but rough on the edges. I was intrigued enough to agree to give it a go. When he picked me up, he looked very modern (fashionable) but then he opens the door for me which is very traditional. So modern looks with Traditional values so far so good…… I am more intrigued.

As time goes on and you pay attention to details, it shows character, traditional food with a modern twist, wine from the local vineyard showing off its proud inheritance. Conversation flowed naturally without too much of an effect. Digging deeper I found he was confident but very shy. He is emotional but does not want to be seen as vulnerable………………. well, it is my dream man…. hahaha.


Solo Travel


 To simplify for rest, fewer romantics out there ………. Lyon I found is modern with lots of tradition and history. It’s not glamours but it has natural beauty, Locals are very proud of there inheritance, food and wine is to die for and the people are lovely but if you don’t speak French well they are shy and do not want to be vulnerable or look stupid trying to speak English.

My Stay in #Lyon was priceless, I loved everything from nature, to history, to food, to people. If you are visiting Lyon for the first time, I really recommend the River Cruise and the Hop on Hop off the bus.


#Travelquote: “Solo Travel is a fair beyond borders, an experience beyond limits.” 


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