With these ten essential – DON’TS when you are traveling solo, you can get going with peace of mind, and enjoy your solo adventures


(1) Never leave your bags (luggage) with a stranger or for that matter with anyone at the airport, bus stop, train station. If you need to run to the toilet or get something from the shops, etc. take your bags with you. Not only can your bags be stolen, but people also put illegal stuff in bags.
Solo traveling means, your bags go everywhere you go, all the time.


(2) Never give anyone your pin number for your credit/debit card or travel card. Sometimes, you feel lazy, dragging all your gear to the shop to get a bottle of water. It is human nature to trust a new friend you just met on your flight or the train. He or she can grab a bottle of water for you, you give him or her your card and pin. NO .. not a wise move.

(3) Never leave your drink or food on your table while you run off to the toilet. This is a tricky one. I have found myself in this situation multiple times. Now, I have developed a rule of eating out alone which is;
– I get a table.
– Go through the menu, order my food, then go to the toilet.
– By the time the food arrives, I am ready to enjoy the dining experience.


(4) Do not get drunk (intoxicated), while you are out and about. I love my wine and champagne. One of my favorite things to do while traveling is trying local wines. Know your limit; I only drink one glass when I am solo traveling. Remember, there is no one there to look after you if you get yourself in a situation.


(5) Do not regularly update your social media. This is essential for your safety. I know, the best part of solo traveling is sharing your adventure and your achievements with family and friends. What I do is, I check in with all my beautiful photos of my sightseen experience, the fantastic food I had at an excellent restaurant or cafe, etc. after I have left the place.



(6) Never share a taxi or uber with a stranger from the airport or train station. I hate spending money on taxis; I know there are a lot of you who are the same. But sharing the cost of a taxi with a stranger/s is not the way to save money. Whenever I can, I use a train, bus or airport shuttle bus. This means you have to do your research before you arrive at your destination. Make sure you know, where to get the bus or shuttle bus or train from, how much it is and if possible book it in advance.


(7) Never give strangers your hotel address. I know when you are traveling alone, you love to meet new people and have someone to hang out with. I recommend you become friends on Facebook first. Use Facebook messenger as a form of communication to make plans to meet later. What I do is have a good look through that person facebook page, gives you an insight into what kind of a person he or she is. If I am happy to hang out with him or her, I usually ask to meet at a cafe near my hotel (5 to 10 mins walking distance).



(8) Do not look lost. I can promise you; you will be lost few times (or more) on your solo travel journey. I think the best way to see a new place or explore a new city is by getting lost amongst it all. BUT, you need to walk with confidence and never let people know that you are lost. I usually sit down in a cafe, or bar and get myself a drink. Go through google map and find my bearings. This way, I am not panicking. I am not telling anyone who is watching that I am lost, and I am enjoying the process of finding my way back.


(9) Never arrive at your destination after dark. As a solo traveler, this is my very first rule. Doesn’t matter how cheap the flight is, if I am arriving at my destination after sunset, I am not taking that flight. This only applies to your first-time visit to this destination. If I have been there before, and I know a lot about the area, I am happy to arrive any hour of the day or night.



(10) Never put money before your safety. I see this all the time, travelers walking in the wrong direction for miles in the dark to save money on taxi fare. This is not bravery; this is idiocy.




#Travelquote: “Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrate it for everything that it is.” -Mandy Hale


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