Why visit Lucerne, Switzerland???

The most amazing feeling about traveling is visiting a place for the very first time without any expectation and an open mind. I was what you might be able to say a virgin when it came to Lucerne. I researched every stop online when I was traveling through Europe and knew what to expect when I got to these places. I guess that is the controlling side of me that just has to know and just had to be organized, but I have to admit just going with the flow, in other words trusting that it will be ok to visit a place without knowing everything about it before I get there……… I have absolutely blown away with the picture perfect Lake Lucerne.

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I arrive at Lake Lucerne in the late afternoon; the sun was still up, beautiful clear blue sky but the wind was bit cold. Walking through this beautiful town, on the Chapel bridge called the Kapellbrucke was a priceless experience, its a wooden footbridge with a roof, spanning diagonally across the Reuss River. It is covered with beautiful colorful flowers; this bridge is Lucerne’s best-known landmark. Lucerne in German is Luzern; it is located on the northwestern end of Lake Lucerne. The river Reuss flows out of the lake here, and tourism is the most significant part of Lucerne’s economy.


Switzerland is the only place in Europe that has its currency called Swiss Franc. Euros are accepted in the shops, but you will only get a change in Swiss Francs. This picture-perfect town has beautiful little souvenir shops, a big department store with everything you can image, swiss knife and clocks of any size and shape. Lovely small streets off the riverside walk an endless amount of cafes by the riverside. In my very bad German / Swiss, I managed to order my favorite hot beverage – skinny chai latte to take away. I enjoyed my Chai sitting by the lake. Taking in the energy of Lucerne, its natural beauty. My eyes busy appreciating so many shades of green. The freshness and the stillness of the lake gave the place a peaceful feel. After my little break, I wander off to Visit the Lion Monument.

The Lion Monument or the Lion of Lucerne, It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. The carving of this sculpture is done on the live stone, and the pictures just don’t do justice, you just have to see it in person to admire the creativity and the work that has been put into this monument.

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Lucerne is a must visit if you are visiting Switzerland

Must see when in Lucerne

(1) Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge)

(2) Church of St Leodegar

(3) Boat Cruise on Lake Lucerne (try the Historic paddle wheel steamer)

(4) The Lion Monument

(5) Mt Rigi

(6) Jesuitenkirche

(7) Mount Pilatus


Mount Pilatus is just breath taking. To get to the top of this mountain is an advenute of its own. I am not going to say any more as you have to experince this yourself. I arrived before the sunrise, as I stood up on the top of this mountain, watching over the beautifull landscape of Lucerne, the mountian tops sarrounding is still covered with the blanket of snow. It was definiately cold to start of with but as the rays of sun start coming through the horizen it started to slowley warm up. I loved the energy of this place.


#Travelquote: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.”


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