Solo Traveling, for some this is fun and freedom, and for other, it is terrifying and frightful. The difference between the two is the Travelers Mindset and preparation before the trip.



Here are my five things, I highly recommend these to all Travelers especially the Female Solo Travelers.


(1) Open Mind

For me, Open Mind is the most significant game changer when it comes to Traveling. There is an honesty that comes with an open mind. People who travel with an open mind:

– Let go of control. To free yourself from the challenges and the beliefs you currently have. It is indeed a liberating experience when you look at the world with an open mind. The knowledge that whatever truth you find, there is always more to it than what meets the eye.

(2) Acceptance

To be honest and accepting of all right and wrong, one requires an open mind. Know that you do not know everything, each country has its own culture, and each culture has its own rules that people live by. These rules are not right or wrong. These cultures are not for you to judge. You are to learn and appreciate them. Allow yourself to see things from other’s perspective, will allow you to understand.

(3) Dress code

Tricky topic. Not many want to talk about it, while others say, it’s a free world, I can wear what I want. Just like in your country there is a dress code for different things, and you don’t even think about arguing this point, you just dress appropriately. Like for work you wear a suit, to attend a wedding you will wear a formal dress, to go to movies you will wear a smart casual and to go to the beach, you will wear your swimmers. You are to do the same in the country you are visiting. Learn the appropriate dress code and respect their cultures. To be honest, I love wearing clothes that locals wear it gives me the authentic experience of their culture.


(4) Street Smart

Traveling solo will make you vulnerable. One of the scariest and yet most significant thing/s you will experience. Always remember, you do not know everything. Be honest with yourself and listen to your gut feeling, your intuition. Street smart comes from paying extra attention to what your five sense might have overlooked.


(5) Self Love

When you live with an open mind, you automatically again this strong sense of self. Beliefs of others do not define your confidence. As you Travel the world with an open mind, see what your eyes see, hear what your ears hear and feel what your heart feels you will learn, and you will grow. This strengthens your character and helps with Self Love. Self Love is a significant part of Solo Traveling or traveling for that matter.



#Travelquote:The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust


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