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My History

Career and Family

I waited tables and worked as a cashier at K-Mart as a student.
I started my professional career in the corporate world as an Accountant after finishing my degree in Accounting and economics. I then ventured to own a retail motorcycles business with my husband. After selling our retail business. I moved from New Zealand to live in Australia. In Australia, I bought a Hotel business where I was the CEO and General manager for ten years. Now I am an Entrepreneur, Influencer, Solo Travel Specialist, Mindset Coach, Award winning international Speaker, Author, and Blogger.

I was born in an Indian working class family, and my parents were both school teachers, now retired. My parents valued Education. I grew up with this Moto – Knowlege is Power.

I am very proud of my Indian heritage. I could speak a few different languages, eat different food, wear different clothes and enjoy the best of both worlds. However, I always felt I did not fit into the Indian society because I was not Indian enough and I did not belong in western society either.

Traveling with me myself and i - About Yogita Ridgle

My Journey

How I got here

I grew up with very low self-esteem. When you have other children and school teachers laughing at you, calling you names like, stupid, dumb, useless and lazy it is very hard to feel good about yourself.

For some reason, I identified my self-worth based on how well I could read, write and spell, when I was an A+ student in Maths, Science and anything that did not require reading and writing. After finishing school, I took the simple road of Studying Accounting and Economics at University instead of what I wanted to do.

This self-doubt and self-limiting belief, I carried with me to my working life and my adult life to an extent where I identified myself as a broken person because of my Dyslexia.

I let depression and negative emotions rule my life and stop me from living to my true potential and see my inner beauty and be my authentic self. It was not until I went on a solo trip ten years ago, where the penny dropped. I can act like a victim, or I can take responsibility for my life.

From Solo travel, I started to discover my self and my business ” Traveling with Me, Myself and I” was born.

My Buiness

My Passion

Traveling; there are two meanings in this. One – traveling through one’s life and two – traveling the world. One gets you out of your comfort zone the other gets you out of your head and into the now. When I travel I love getting lost on unknown paths while exploring the world.

My favorite thing to do when I am not lost is to connect with the local people. Learn the local language, history, culture and eat as much of the local food as my tummy will let me.

Traveling has taught me so much, Travelling not only awakens all your senses but it also challenges your beliefs and your limitations, we all have these restrictions that define us as a person and stop us from living to our full potential.

Life is about our Souls finding its true purpose no matter what disabilities or limitations we might have; it is not enough to STOP us from living our dream.

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