This topic is everyone’s worse nightmare. Let’s face it unless you are flying first class or business class flying is not fun. No one likes being stuck in a sitting position for hours at a time. When you are on the road, especially when you are traveling overseas, you cross through time zones and spend too much time in the airplane/ train/ bus or at the airport.

After doing everything wrong during my first few travels, I have learned these five lessons……


My first rule is to drink lots of water.

This keeps you hydrated and healthy. The problem with drinking lots of water is you need to go toilet often. The key here is when you are flying, book an aisle seat. If you are on the bus or train carry your own toilet paper and use the facility at every stop


Bit of Yoga or meditation or just simple stretch

This is very hard if you are a shy person, but trust me, it makes a big difference when you a stuck in a sitting position for 25 hours straight. (if the bear can do stretches, I am sure you can too)

My third rule is to laugh

Watch a funny movie or read something that makes you laugh. Face it unless you are flying first class been stuck in economy class for hours starts getting depressing. The idea is to enjoy the journey when laughing the brain also releases endorphins that can relieve some physical pain and helps with the energy and keeps you positive and happy.


My fourth rule is only to eat when you are hungry.

When you are flying different time zones, in the air you get severed food and snacks at random hours. You don’t have to eat every time you are served with food, save some food (especially things that are in sealed packages) for when you feel like eating. Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol; one glass is enough if you have to have one hehe. This is very important, Only eat when you are hungry.

My fifth rule is a power nap

Don’t try to sleep the whole flight. Honestly, you are not sleeping. You are better off having a really deep sleep for an hour than 6 hours of trying to sleep. Most people can not sleep on the airplane. What helps me is after I have had done my stretches, eaten, I read and have a cup of green tea (BYO green tea, buy this from the airport lounge after you clear customs) and always take your own travel blanket and eye mask, I find reading relaxes my mind and helps with the sleeping…. I usually sleep like a baby on flights now hehe


Put some thought into the clothes you are wearing while you are traveling, the secret is to go for comfort instead of fashion, I usually have some of my clothes in my cabin bag (just in case my suitcase goes missing). It is always nice to be able to grab a shower or refresh yourself at airports or in transit etc.

If you travel with the right gear, these long hall flights get more relaxed and better….. even fun, yes that’s right fun.

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#Travelquote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”


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