Traveling Alone … is it lonely and is it scary??


The simple answer to this question is YES and YES…….. The reason I wanted to start blogging about Travelling Alone was to inspire people and to teach people how to travel alone and how to like it ….. in fact to love it. In general to be alone is hard, its probably the hardest thing but it is NOT necessarily a bad thing. We, humans, relate being alone with pain and suffering to the extent that it makes us depressed. Depression is the most significant killer, causes all sorts of cancer and illness. I am on a mission to teach people that alone does not equal to loneliness; you can find peaceful, content and happy within you. If we work on this, we can end loneliness/depression.

As humans we put all our happiness in other peoples hands, we spend a lot of time making sure that we get approvable from others. We spend a lot of time making sure we look sound from outside. We change who we are so people like us. We pretend to be someone else, so we get accepted in social groups. We forget we need to look good inside, feel good inside. We need to be happy within ourselves, and we need to love who we are.


When we are…In our 20’s – we are ten foot tall and bulletproof, millions of friends and full-on social life.
In our 30’s we are so busy running around trying to live up to social expectation, buy everything money can buy, big house, big car, big boat and start a family.
In our 40’s we crave for some me time, all we do is run around after kids and work.
In our 50’s we find the big house is empty, kids all grown up and gone, had enough of working a same old job


Unhappy Retired Senior Woman Sitting On Sofa At Home Looking At Photograph


You finally notice you have spent your whole life working and raising a family. Now they are all grown up, time to let them go. Now is when the loneliness starts slowly creeping up. You did not make time for friends because you were always busy with your family or you have friends, but they are busy doing their things. You have a partner, but without kids, you don’t have anything to talk about. Some might not even have partners, divorced or widowed. What happens now, you feel alone, and you don’t like this feeling.




Going out for coffee alone is scary. Have you ever been for a coffee by yourself? I do it all the time…… because I have conditioned my belief of being alone as peace, content and happy. If you believe that being alone causes you pain and suffering then traveling alone will be scary, remember alone doesn’t have to mean lonely.


Good news is we are in charge of our conditions, our beliefs and let me tell you this, once you make that shift you will never be happier. This does not mean you do not need friends or ditch your family. I encourage you to make new friends and keep in touch with your family. I have heaps of friends and a huge family….. but my happiness does not depend on if they have time for me ….. because I love my own company.

Solo Travel Must Haves

My Moto: Travel Safe, Travel Smart, Travel Solo


Travel Safe – Is most important thing on every traveler’s agenda. It is even more critical when you are traveling Solo

Travel Insurance
Copy all your Travel documents
Blend in with the locals
Each country has a government site
Travel Smart
Do not carry lots of cash
Have a daily reporting system
Invest in a perfect bag
If you are getting a taxi alone
Do not wear expensive jewelry
Travel Solo
Invest in a good suitcase
Be organized
Make friends
Use local language


#Travelquote: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he dares to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

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