Hotel Ritz Madrid

Travelling in Style ..

When someone says, “Travelling in Style,” it normally means expensive and luxurious… right? In my case it was more like being royalty for the weekend. My stay at Hotel Ritz Madrid was unforgettable experience, full of Style, Glamour, Class and Elegance……

When the taxi driver pulled in front of the Hotel Ritz Madrid and the doorman opened the door for me, I had to ask the taxi driver if this was the right hotel…. haha. He similes and takes my bags from the taxi for me, the doorman carries my bags inside.

Hotel Ritz Madrid

Hotel Ritz Madrid

Here I was, on my tippy toes, twirling around like a ballerina on the italian marble tiles, in admiration of the elegance and style of this entrance way. The doorman, says “this way señorita”. I follow him in to the lobby through the round rotating doors with solid wooden frames, my jaw drops, the amazing furnishing, a big chandelier hanging from the high ceiling in the middle of wide open space.

A gentleman named Carlos greets me, at arrival. Dressed smart in a black suit and wearing the best accessory money can NOT BUY, A BIG SMILE. I felt so welcomed. In my past travelling experience, I normally feel like just a number to the hotel staff. When they see a guest coming to check in they don’t see people walking, they see Money walking.

Hotel Ritz Madrid

Hotel Ritz Madrid

My room was not ready, It was 10am, Carlos, got my bags stored away for me and showed me around the hotel lobby, lounge area and the garden restaurant. Walking through the rest of the Lobby area, on the left hand side is a beautiful staircase, the stairs were fitted with red and yellow vibrant carpet, giving it a very royal feeling.

In the middle is a big round carpet under the big chandelier, sits another elegant piece of furniture (round table) and another beautiful flower arrangement. As I walk behind Carols, he points out to the right, that is the breakfast restaurant.

Breakfast ....

Breakfast ….

“How would you like your coffee señorita.” The confused look on my face, I think gave it away. He smiles,” It is complimentary señorita”. I felt a little embarrassed, then said a cup of green tea will be much appreciated. He smiles and leaves. I sit on the sofa, Luxurious soft fabric so inviting and relaxing, I sink in the comfort and the warmth of the sofa, relaxing back in this surroundings, the lounge area was beautifully set, tall windows covered with expensive silk drapes, chandeliers every where, flower arrangements everywhere. Just Beautiful, Ok I am saying beautiful again and again. I can not believe how magnificent this place is. There are no words to describe the beauty of this place. You have to witness it for yourself.

The most beautiful flower arrangement

The most beautiful flower arrangement


The piano sits in the middle of the lounge,  soft Jazz tunes were played by this talented gentleman. There I was in Madrid, drinking green tea, listening to soft jazz music, sitting in a lounge that was only fit for kings and queens.

Beautiful music ...

Beautiful music …

The garden restaurant, Goya Restaurant,set on the deck, tables and chairs for formal dining and walking down the stairs, there are more chairs and tables for causal dinning. The luscious gardens with colourful flowers, tall tress, like an oasis, providing the most relaxing atmosphere.

Restaurant Goya

Restaurant Goya

Walking in to my room… a queens bedroom for sure. After a long bath, soaking in the warm soapy water in the italian marble bathtub mmmmm…… I have a siesta between the comforting soft sheets. I get back in the room after dinner, the drapes were closed, the bath was cleaned, the lights in the room were dimmed, the bed was made, warm slippers were placed on the floor by the bed and a basket of fruit was sitting on the table …. mmm 5 star service, wow


KEY to my room….. loved the traditional touch


Dinning at the Goya Restaurant was a treat of a life time ….. all my taste buds where dancing, beautifully prepared, 3 coarse meal, spanish inspired with a modern twist matched with the right wine. I was lost for words


For me, this experience was amazing, one that will stay with me for my life time, the best part of this experience was not the luxury hotel but the people and the staff at the hotel, the extra mile they go to make you feel so welcomed and so relaxed. The smile on their faces and helpful attitude is the reason I would be returning to stay at Hotel Ritz Madrid.

From all my travels, I have learnt it’s the people who make it memorable…. Spanish people truely where just amazing and they surely do know how to make you feel like you are home.