Packing the right things can make all the difference to your travel experience. Start your journey on the right foot and enjoy every minute of it.

When you live in Australia or New Zealand, traveling to most parts of the world takes forever. When you are about to pack for a long flight, you don’t know what the next 30 to 40 hours have installed for you, from flying for hours to waiting at the airports for your connecting flights to taxis or trains or bus to the hotel. From Home to Hotel is a real experience and if you are organized, this part of your travel experience can be fun. Here are some handy tips to keep you relaxed and make your traveling time more comfortable.

The first thing you need is a perfect cabin bag. I have to admit; it took me a long time to get this right. It needs to be lightweight especially when you are traveling solo, and it needs to be easy to carry.
I finally found the best one for me.

LUCAS Wheeled Under the Seat Cabin Bag EXCLUSIVE


Travel-on Wheeled Carry on BaggageWhy this cabin bag, well it is very light, has a zip that folds down to allow easy access to everything in your bag, Large main compartment, Front organizer compartment and zippered front pocket, Mesh expansion pocket. It has a comfortable push button for a handle. Making it easy to wheel it to your seat without a hassle
Second must have a good handbag /Stash, not fashionable but practical, especially on long flights when you are traveling solo. It is hard when there is no one watching your things while you go to the toilet or have a nap etc. This hanging bag I throw over my shoulder across my body and hangs in the front. Much better than those waist bags. It fits in the seat pocket on the airplane, which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on all your belonging.

Travel Navigator Neck WalletTravel Navigator Neck Wallet and Passport Holder with RFID Blocking for Security.

This bag is the definition of peace of mind, it prevents ID theft and has space for everything, phone, passport, money, credit card, boarding pass and air tickets. Best protection against pickpocketing
Once you get the cabin bag and handbag right then, the other four must-haves are:

Travel Blanket and Eye Mask

It is not just clean and more hygienic, its also handy to have when you stuck at the airport lounges for hours waiting for connecting flights

Sofia Cashmere Women’s 100% Cashmere Cozy Travel Set with Blanket, Eye Mask, and Bag
Sofia Cashmere Women's 100% Cashmere Cozy Travel Set with Blanket, Eye Mask, and BagThe feel of 100% Cashmere against your skin gives you the comfort of the home away from home. The eye mask will guarantee you a good nap, as good as it can get on an airplane.

Travel Socks

These are lifesavers, having shoes on for the whole flight kills my feet, I love these, they are comfortable and relaxing for the feet, you can walk around in then, go to the toilet in them and even around the airport, my feet just love them.

FitKicks Active Footwear for Women

Fitkick Active footwear for womenIts form-fitting, extra breathable, easy slip on like shoes but has a rubber sole makes this perfect inside and outside wear.

Things to keep you entertained, iPod and Book or Kindle. I love reading; I always have books with me, sometimes its comfortable with a Kindle to keep the weight under 7kg.

After making few mistakes with my past travel experience, I have always learned to weight my cabin bag before I get to the airport. Most flights allow 7 kg for cabin bags, which makes packing cabin bags even more challenging.

Always pack your cabin bag like you are packing for the weekend away, few sets of clothes, underwear, hat, scarfs, phone charger, sunglass, etc. You will ask why thats silly, its just adding extra weight to the cabin bag, well I found this helpful in case your suitcase is misplaced or lost by the airline. It provides me with peace of mind and reduces all the stress of what to do in a new country while the carrier is looking for your suitcase, what to wear while you are waiting for your bag. Just be careful with all your make up and toiletries, when going through customs you are only allowed a certain amount of liquids, toothpaste comes under fluid, so check with your airlines first for more information, you can get travel size toothpaste, body deodorant, moisturizer, etc.
Last but not least is always carry panadol and all your medication with you. Pack them in a plastic bags before you get to the airport to avoid getting stressed. Do not pack any sharp items like a nail file, eyebrow tweezers, nail clipper, etc. in your cabin bag.

#Travelquote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
― Marcel Proust

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