When you imagine the picturesque parks of America, you would not in your wildest dream think of magical and mind-blowing.


Start your tour from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the ultimate adult’s playground. People from all over the world come here for the party of there life, why else would this city be known as sin city. Las Vegas is a metropolitan city, in the southern part of North America, state of Nevada. The landscape is desert, valley, mountains and the weather here can get very hot in Summer. Depending on what you like you can spend a few nights here before you head out.


Take a scenic drive along the OLD Route 66. I recommend you make a morning tea stop at a little country town called Williams on your way to Grand Canyon National Park. This charming town is nestled at the base of Bill Williams Mountain.


GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK – Scenic parks of America

Well, let’s see, besides the tiny little fact that Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, I was lost for words when my eyes gazed at first sight of the Canyon. It was mother natures miracle, Soulful, Magical, Spectacular and magnificent.

AT GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK – There are a few options available for you. Depending on what you like camping, motel, lodge, etc. Or you can stay in the town nearby called Flagstone.


Start your day with an iconic breakfast at Historic Hotel Weatherford. This hotel was built in 1900, the day co is still set up with all the historical style dining table, chairs, cushions, curtains, etc
After your breakfast, head over to explore the treasures of Monument Valley.


MONUMENT VALLEY – Scenic Parks of America

Driving into the Valley was like going back in time. As far as my eyes could see – the towering sandstone rock formations, valley, and desert. It was all so surreal.
The whole 13 square kilometers of land here in Monument Valley was the true definition of what I thought of when I imagined the incredible American West.


AT MONUMENT VALLEY – camping under the stars or you can stay at the town nearby called Page.



Start your day nice and early, head to the northwest to Zion National park. Enjoy the drive, it is just breathtaking.


ZION NATIONAL PARK – Scenic Parks of America

Zion National Park is another one of natures miracles. The park is a proud owner of magnificent mountains, green canyons, red cliffs, buttes, mesas, monoliths, rivers, slot canyons, and natural arches. If you are a lover of wildlife, you will love the 67 species of mammals, 13 species of snakes, 291 species of birds and over 900 species of plants. I was fortunate enough to see some Elk and canyon tree frogs.


AT Bryce canyon – you have a few options again, camp, motel, lodge, etc. – I recommend you stay 2 nights here

DAY 5 & 6

Start your day nice and early, head to Utah to Bryce National park. If you get here early morning, the sunrise or early hours of morning gives you a different perspective of sheer colorful sandstone walls.
Stay 2 nights here, it really is worth it.

BRYCE NATIONAL PARK – Scenic Parks of America

Bryce Canyon, My favorite of all the canyons and national parks I visited on this trip to the USA. My visit to Bryce Canyon was like reading a historical book. As I stood there gazing at this natural wonder, admiring each layer of rocks telling stories of how earth developed this canyon over the 525 million years.

AT Bryce canyon – you have few options again, camp, motel, lodge, etc



DAY 7 & 8

Saying goodbye to Bryce Canyon was hard for me. Enjoy your drive through beautiful mountain ranges, rugged Wyoming countryside.


I was most impressed with this little town, and the natural beauty took my breath away. Because of its perfect location, only minutes from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole is very popular amongst tourist and outdoor enthusiasts. All year, there is something to do in Jackson Hole. Summer is known for relaxing and soaking in the Granite Hot Springs. Winter is famous for skiing. In the fall you will hear the loud bugle calling, for male elk for mating, or get up-close and personal with these magnificent animals at the National Elk Refuge. In Spring, you will be blown away with all the colors of nature.


AT Jackson Hole, I highly recommend you stay 2 nights here. This town has so much to offer.


Drive along the snake river, enjoy the magnificent views and native wildlife.


GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK – Scenic Parks of America

Teton National Park is abundant with extraordinary wildlife, alpine terrain, pristine lakes, and Mountain range. The locals call these mountains – mountains of the imagination. Here you can explore over two hundred miles of trails and hiking tracks. Float the Snake River admiring the natural beauty of the surrounding and taking in the serenity of this magical place. It is a popular destination in summer for hiking, fishing, and country-style camping.


AT GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK – highly recommend camping (remember you need to book and get permits for hiking and camping at this park)


DAY 10

Get the last glance at those magical mountain ranges as you drive along the snake river to Yellowstone.




On your drive into Yellowstone National Park, keep an eye out for elk, bison, antelope, wolves, and bears. The park is home to hundreds of animal species. I would highly recommend you take a drive on the grand loop road. The Grand loop road is designed in a shape of number eight “8”, the loop takes 3 to 4 hours driving, it the definitely the best way to see the park from the comfort of your vehicle. Along the drive, there are many parks, picnic area, lakes, canyons, falls and hot springs you can stop. Take the opportunity to admire the natural wonder and cause photo or video your experience to share with your family and friends.

AT 320 GUEST RANCH – this place is fantastic. The breakfast next morning is to die for. End your tour on an absolute high.


DAY 11

Sleep in or get up early with the birds, take a nature walk, breath in the fresh country air. Do yoga or just still in stillness to enjoy the surrounding.
Head over to breakfast, enjoy the fresh eggs, beautifully brewed coffee or choice from many different tea flavors. Do not rush this experience.

The closest major airports in the vicinity of Yellowstone Park are Denver, Salt Lake City, and Billings. Of those three Billings would be the closest. Billings to the northeast entrance is 120 miles (over Beartooth Pass). You can also fly into smaller airports in Bozeman, MT, Jackson, WY and Cody WY.


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#Travelquote: “The gladdest moment in human life, I think, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton


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