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Finding Me, Myself and I will move you at the deepest level. This is about a woman trapped between two cultures. She feels lost, unappreciated, unheard and unloved. She is hiding all her insecurities behind walls she built to protect herself from the world. She fears she is not good enough. She will not fit in. She will not be accepted. So, she pretends to be someone she is not. She is depressed and quietly dying inside. All she wants to do is be her true self. Her authentic self.

This book will take you through a journey of self-discovery. Accept the truth of who you are, embrace all your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to be certain and believe in yourself. Life is a gift, full of lessons and blessings, to keep growing and learning. Finding Me, Myself and I, is a journey that all women need to do if they want to be living their dream life.


Yogita Ridgley is Australia’s leading mentor and coach, author, speaker and change-maker who is empowering women to solo travel to self-discovery. After solo traveling around the world herself, Yogita writes, speaks and teaches from her own life experience. She is the Founder and CEO of Traveling with Me, Myself and I. Her mission in life is to empower women to find their inner beauty, their true potential and be their authentic self.

What can readers expect from Finding Me, Myself and I?

Finding Me, Myself and I is a book that is about loving your authentic self. To be able to love your authentic self you must know your authentic self, so for me to love my authentic self I needed to learn who I was. The reason why I went on a self-discovery journey was the fact that I spent 30 years of my life feeling I was not good enough, feeling I was not loved, I didn’t belong. 

That limiting belief came from my school days, from as early as the age of eight. As an eight-year-old sitting there full of fear in the classroom, the teacher constantly told me that I am not good enough, I will not amount to anything, I am an embarrassment to the school, to the class, to society, to my family. 

Those words hurt so badly, those words created so much pain that it was hard to breathe through it. To avoid that pain, as an eight-year-old, I locked it up – I locked it up so deep inside me and I pretended that it didn’t exist. As time went, and I got through high school and started university and started work, I became someone who I wasn’t.


What inspired you to write the book?

My biggest inspiration was my children, my two daughters. They were the main reason I persevered so hard and pushed so hard to write this book. The reason I wanted to write this book for my daughters was that as I was growing into a person that I didn’t like, and the person I wasn’t born to be, I started to notice I was teaching my daughters to do the same thing. I was teaching them by my actions.

It broke my heart to see that my inner demons were affecting my children. I was reflecting low self-esteem onto them, and they were embodying the same emotions that they are not good enough, even though I said again and again that they are beautiful and I love them exactly the way they are. So before I, as a mother, made a mess of my two daughters’ lives, I needed to change something – I couldn’t help them unless I helped myself. And that’s what the book is all about.


It took you nine years to write Finding Me, Myself and I. Can you take us through your writing process?

I started when my second daughter was very little and I was doing more journal-style writing, just journaling every day what I was feeling. The journaling went from two sentences to one page for one day, then two pages for one day and three pages for one day. And of course, nobody could read my journal because of my spelling and grammar, but I could; I knew exactly what was on those pages. 

Then just before my 40th birthday, I sat down to clean up my cupboards, and I came across these journals. I started to read them. The more I read, the more I realised that I am borderline suicidal, I am depressed, and I am stressed out and burnt out, and I’m really struggling. I’m struggling with every part of my life because I’m not happy with what’s happening inside me. That was the moment I decided I had to make a change, and I took off on a solo trip for 10 days to London. It wasn’t until I got to London that the penny dropped, because I had time to think.

From the process of journaling everything, I went into a process of blogging and the blogs were more uplifting because I was trying to only share what made me happy. And then I got so many emails from women who started to connect with what I was saying, to connect with similar emotions that they feel stuck in their minds, in their bodies, in their hearts. They’re struggling with anxiety and depression and stressed out, they’re wearing way too many hats, and they don’t have time for themselves – there’s no time for that person, they don’t even know who that person is. That pushed me to the next level of writing.

As I was also travelling to different places and meeting lots of different people who were on solo travel journeys as well, my investigative mind was always wanting to know why they were travelling alone. I learnt there were two reasons – (1) they were running away from something, but they didn’t know what they were running away from; (2) they were trying to look for something or find something and yet they did not know what they were looking for. I could connect to both of those messages. And then I realised that if I don’t share my story, I am not going to help my daughters and I am not going to help anybody out there.



Reviewed By: Mamta Madhavan (Readers’ Favorite) 

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“Finding Me, Myself and I: Journey to Loving your Authentic Self by Yogita Ridgley is an engaging memoir of the author’s journey of self-discovery, acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love. Self-critical thoughts can cause anxiety, and the author’s quest to take control of her life will motivate and encourage readers to beat all the odds, realize how their weaknesses have made them stronger, and leave their emotional baggage filled with guilt, depression, anger, and fear. She speaks of 30 years of her life where she lived with a sense of not being loved, and how her teacher’s constant saying she was not good enough affected her thinking, caused her so much pain, and made her slowly become someone she actually was not.

Finding Me, Myself and I is uplifting, motivating, and encouraging, and gives hope to readers who have been made to feel they are worthless to understand and love their true selves confidently. The book is raw, straightforward, and honest, and will strike a chord with many readers who will be able to find the author’s story real and relatable. Yogita Ridgley speaks about her 30 years of living without self-worth, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love; the author is very honest in how she looked at life and how keeping a journal helped her release her emotions from her body. Yogita Ridgley’s story will encourage readers to break the cycle and create a life by activating the powers of compassion, tolerance, grace, intuition, patience, nurturing, creativity, fierceness, and forgiveness. The Five Stages of Self-Discovery based on her own life experience are helpful for readers when it comes to focusing on the end goal of processing their inner goals and minds so that they end up loving themselves.


“With crystal clear writing and overwhelming honesty, Yogita Ridgley unpacks her own life for enabling our journey of self-care, self-love and self-worth. In her various solo travels, from London to Lyon, from Rome to Rishikesh, she digs deeper within her wounds to discover pearls of wisdom and pure awakenings from a poignant past. All throughout, you can feel her passionate and prayerful quest – to be of service with humility and compassion, and ease someone else’s tortuous and torturous path with the light of her learnings. Especially speaking to women, she reminds us ALL of our innate superpowers of Intuition, Tolerance, Patience, Grace, Compassion, Nurturing, Creativity, Fierceness and Forgiveness; and nudges us gently to live and lead with the fullness of our uniqueness, painlessly and fearlessly. Finding Me, Myself and I is a must read”

Dr. Harbeen Arora. Founder, BIOAYURVEDA. Global Chairperson, ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF). Founder President, WICCI, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


“In this book Yogita bravely goes where many women dare not go. She goes straight to her soul! She bypasses all the masks we wear as women creating abundant lives for ourselves and she pulls them back revealing our naked selves. She then provides practical tools that we can use on our journey to self discovery. With the work I do in helping people find their Y, I believe this book should be a pre cursor to my work. It’s perfect for any woman ready to truly free herself from her self made prison. Well done Yogita”.

Shar Moore, CEO/ Founder YMag, Multi-International award winning Speaker, Mentor & Author


“Finding Me, Myself and I is a fantastic reminder to anyone who loves travel, to stop and enjoy every moment of the journey. Yogita Ridgley writes to engage the reader in the sights, sounds and aromas of the places she visits and connects them with the emotions she felt while peeling back the façade of her perfect life, to discover her true meaning in the world. I read the book while I was travelling on holiday with my family and it reminded me to take in every moment for myself and to encourage others to do the same.”

 Kym Cousins CEO and Founder of Sprout Enablement


An honest book! Yogita shares her story with candidness and authenticity. An easy read with stories of how heartbreak and challenges teaches the most important lessons in life; to those willing to learn. I truly appreciate the vulnerability and courage that it would have taken to write this book. Thank you Yogita for an inspiring read. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to live a life of authenticity.

Usha Raman, Owner and Founder at Usha Club


“Everyone can learn something from someone and Yogita Ridley’s book ‘Finding Me, Myself and I’ is no exception. It is a courageous and open story about one woman’s ability to understand and transform her self. Yogita gets to the heart of the matter by exposing her vulnerabilities, her weaknesses and her strengths. She offers insights into how to find inner strength and self belief. This is a book about possibilities, gratitude and self-care.”

Review by Lucia Caine


“Yogita’s story is truly transformative. It divulges a great sense of transparency, realism and relatable critiques that we are all consciously and unconsciously guilty of. The patterns and routine cycles that we engage in on a moment by moment basis is evident in this book. Finding, ME, MYSELF and I assists the reader in a process of self reflection where we identify the need to find out who we really are absent tradition, culture and society. I carefully evaluated and observed my behaviors and implemented swift change as necessary.”


By Prof One C Miller , Founder of The Global Library of Female Authors (TGLFA)


“Finding Me, Myself & I. A raw, real and refreshing read that I highly recommend for any one in every walk of life to read. I didn’t want it to finish and I loved every single inspirational golden nugget that Yogita shared I will be reading it again and probably again. It is a must read.”
By Malin Pearce, ESSENTIALS FOR VITALITY, Natural health expert
Travel Taught me what Classroom Failed to Teach

Travel Taught me what Classroom Failed to Teach

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What “Traveling with Me, Myself and I” teaches?

What “Traveling with Me, Myself and I” teaches?

I am in introvert by nature, I am a deep thinker, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do not like small talks and fake people. Growing up I struggled fitting in. For two reasons, my brain is wired in a genius creative way, When I look at words they are normally dancing...

Life is about our Souls finding its true purpose no matter what disabilities or limitation we might have; it is not enough to STOP us from living our dream. LET ME HELP YOU LIVE YOUR DREAM ?

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Travel Taught me what Classroom Failed to Teach

Travel Taught me these nine life changing lessons...... (1) Stop trying to please everyone. It is simple when you really think about it, but it is so difficult to do. It is human nature for people, please. We do this because we have this deep unhealthy need to be...

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What “Traveling with Me, Myself and I” teaches?

I am in introvert by nature, I am a deep thinker, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do not like small talks and fake people. Growing up I struggled fitting in. For two reasons, my brain is wired in a genius creative way, When I look at words they are normally dancing...

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