When we plan trips, we overthink everything. I know I do. I also waste too much time on making lists after lists on what to pack. Here is a simple must-have list to save you time and help you prepare for your travels.



First things first, choose your bag wisely, keep in mind the size restrictions that apply to cabin bags. 48 cm – height, 34 cm- width and 23 cm – depth is the standard, but please check with the airline you are flying with.
Always put a name tag on your cabin bag. Name tags are essential.

A must-have for every trip:

(1) Passport and Boarding Pass

(2) Flight tickets and itinerary

(3) Confirmation of your airport pick up and hotel

(4) Print out of E Visa (if visa is required)

(5) Cash / Travelcard

(6) Travel Insurance

(7) Mobile Phone and Charger

(8) RFID Blocking Passport Card Holder Neck Stash Pouch Security Travel Wallet Bag

If your flight is longer then 5 hours, I would suggest packing toiletries.



Body lotion

Lip balm

Toothbrush and mini Toothpaste

Face wipes

Mini First Aid Kit – with Panadol etc.

(Remember there is a limitation of how much liquid you can take on the airplane, usually 3.4-ounce bottle but please check with the airline you are flying). Pack these in a ziplock bag to avoid spilling.


If your flight is longer then 12 hours, I would suggest also packing


Travel Pillow


Eye Mask


Kindle instead of a book to keep the weight down. I personally love actual books, but it just adds so much weight to my carry on.


I am a big believer in packing clothes, as a backup, just in case the airline loses your suitcase. I usually pack my cabin bag as a weekender, clothes for three days.

Medication is another essential item everyone has problems with when traveling, remember if you have prescribed medication take a doctors letter with you. Take all your medicines for your trip in your cabin bag; this is to avoid any problems if your suitcase goes missing.

Remember, you can not pack sharp objects like nail filler, etc. You are not allowed perfumes and lighters. For details information on what you are not allowed in your cabin bag check this site: Australian Travel secure

I do not travel with out these items and for more information on what else will be very handy to have – check out my travel Necessities list – Click Here 



#Travelquote: “Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg


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