Adventures of Venice – Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic places I have visited. Just imagine, sitting back in a Gondola, a glass of Italian wine in hand, cruising the waterways of Venice. Now close your eyes and listen to the musicians, their magical songs serenading you.

I can tell you all about it. But you will not know what it felt like to sit in the Piazza San Marco, having a glass of wine, or the smell of the freshly cooked pasta flooding the air with its aromatics, or the touch of that Italian leather jacket that was softly seducing me until you go there yourself.




The authentic beauty of Venice lies in its intricate alleys, bridges, canals and its elegant architecture. Everyone should visit Venice at least once.



(1) Piazza San Marco – where everyone comes to see and be seen, a vibrant and fun place to hang out.




(2) Saint Mark’s Basilica – most visited Church, it’s history, and stories on the walls will impress you.

(3) Doge’s Palace – famous landmark in Venice, built in Gothic style architecture.

(4) Burano – colorful Fishman island, relaxed and laid back. Great place for fresh seafood.




(5) Bridge of Sighs – Antonio Contino designed and built the Bridge of Sighs in 1600 with white limestone. Bustling and a favorite photo stop.

(6) Rialto Bridge (Ponte Di Rialto), one of the oldest stone-arch bridge crossing over the Grand Canal.





(8) San Marco Campanile – 16th-century square cathedral tower with an angel-topped spire & belfry offering sea views.

(9) Teatro La Fenice – Opera, ballet & concerts in a renowned 1,000-seat theater, rebuilt after a fire in 1800s style.





(10) Santa Maria Della Salute – the magnificent domed baroque church, unique octagonal design.

(11) Church of San Giorgio Maggiore – church by Palladio, enjoy the views of Venice from its tower.

(12) San Polo is famous for shop-lined Rialto Bridge, and the Rialto Market.





(13) St Mark’s Clocktower – A Renaissance tower from 1499, impressive history of a mechanical clock.

(14) San Zaccaria, Venice – Gothic-Renaissance church filled with artworks, you will also find a famous piece by Bellini.



(15) Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo – known for its external multi-arch spiral staircase known as the Scala Contarini del Bovolo.

In Venice, if you “are not lost” you are doing something wrong. Joking aside, Go, “get lost,” and explore the hidden streets of Venice and you will see why I find the most joy in being lost.


#Travelquote: “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar


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