Why should you learn how to travel solo before embarking on a solo journey?

Solo Traveling is one of the most fulfilling adventures you will ever embark on.


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In my ten years of traveling, I have met many people on the road who did not enjoy their solo travel journey. The reason that they went solo was that there was no one else to go with. Family and friends are busy with their own lives or have no money or time.

Solo traveling is a lot like driving. When you are in the car as a passenger, you have given the responsibilities of your wellbeing to the driver. Even though you know a lot about how the driver will take you from A to B, you do not know the ins and outs of what the driver is doing while driving. 

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To drive, you first need to learn all the road rules. Then you sit a test, once you pass this test, you get a ‘learners permit.’ While you are on your learners, you learn how to drive. After driving under the supervision of an adult for a required period of time, you sit a driving test, once you pass that you get your license with restricted conditions, once you have driven on those restricted conditions for awhile, you get your full license.

When you are a driver, you are entirely responsible for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of all the other road users.

 Now, Solo traveling is just like this. You can jump in the deep end and just go. How hard can it be right??? Wrong. It is not how hard can it be you should be asking yourself. The right question is how prepared am I for Solo Traveling.


Here are ten things I wish I knew before I started my first solo travel journey. 


(1) Never leave your bags (luggage) with a stranger
(2) Never give anyone your pin number for your credit/debit card or travel card
(3) Never leave your drink or food on your table while you run off to the toilet.
(4) Do not get drunk (intoxicated)
(5) Do not continually update your social media.
(6) Never share a taxi or uber with a stranger from the airport or train station
(7) Never give strangers your hotel address
(8) Do not look lost (when you are lost)
(9) Never arrive at your destination after dark
(10) Never put money before your safety


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** I lack confidence, and I have lost “ME” while raising my family.
** I need time to myself, but don’t want to sit in my hotel room while I am on holiday.

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