Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

When I saw the name on my iternery, I wondered why this City was called Jackson Hole. When arriving in Jackson, I still did not understand, because it was flat land, a 50-mile long valley. Standing on top of the mountain peak, I realized why. The Mountain Range surrounds the valley. The valley is nestled beneath the grandeur of the Tetons Mountain Range.



I was most impressed with this little town, and the natural beauty took my breath away. Because of its perfect location, only minutes from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole is very popular amongst tourist and outdoor enthusiasts. All year, there is something to do in Jackson Hole. Summer is known for relaxing and soaking in the Granite Hot Springs. Winter is famous for skiing. In the fall you will hear the loud bugle calling, for male elk for mating, or get up-close and personal with these magnificent animals at the National Elk Refuge. In Spring, you will be blown away with all the colors of nature.





1. Jackson Hole Town Square 

George Washington Memorial Park is located in the center of  Jackson, Wyoming. This park is known for its featured arches made of shed antlers from the nearby National Elk Refuge.

2. Jackson Hole Rodeo 

Your visit to  Jackson is not complete without attending the Rodeo. The cowboy culture was bought to Jackson by the early settlers over 100 years ago.


3. National Museum of Wildlife Art 

Here you will enjoy the fantastic works of Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keeffe. Take your time during your visit, and this artwork tells the history of Jackson and the USA.



4. National Elk Refuge – Jackson Hole

Here thousands of elk gather over winter. The elk begins their migration out of the high meadows in the fall, usually after the first snow storm. They stay in the refuge through the spring, when food becomes more abundant. Unfortunately, my visit was in Summer, so I missed this beautiful opportunity, but I am coming back for this.


5. Jackson Lake Cruise

Enjoy a breakfast, lunch, or dinner while cruising over famous Jackson Lake. Admire the mountain ranges and relax.



6. Fly Fishing

Summertime is perfect for fly fighting in the Grand Teton National Park. The lakes and streams offer excellent fishing opportunities: browns, rainbows, lake, and native cutthroat trout.



7. Wildlife Safari

One of the best ways to view the wildlife in Grand Teton National Park is through a guided tour. Not only will guests witness the incredible number of species that inhabit the park, but you will also get all the local stories of history from the fantastic tour guide.



8. Have a Drink – Cowboy/ Cowgirl Style

As the night falls, this beautiful Million Dollar Cowboy Bar comes to life. Have yourself a seat or as they say it in Jackson – Straddle a saddle and enjoy your favorite drink. This Bar is a must visit, even if you don’t have much time go out for one drink or spend the night, partying like a cowboy or cowgirl.


9. Cowboy Cookout and show

Before you leave this beautiful town, make sure you experience a ride in a horse drawn a covered wagon, enjoy a home cooked meal and get entertained by the Bar T-5 Band. Or get yourself a marriage proposal from a cowboy 🙂 🙂


#Travelquote: “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar


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