With my work I am on a mission bring awareness to Mental Health. People fail to realise how inner self love affects mental health and this week is a Mental Health Week – I wanted to write this piece to help people with their Mental Health and Travel through life and the world.


You might ask now how are these two related? Let me start with Mental Health, our mental health is affected by our emotions. Positive emotions produce good mental health, and Negative emotions produce unhealthy mental health. Our emotions are conditional to our patners and trigger from my beleif systlem. The belief system is what we learn from childhoon to almost 10 and after that we work on autopiloit when it comes to our emotions.

You might say – Well that is common sense. You are right. It is common sense, but there is the catch – our internal processing system, ” Language of mind” is programmed – this is how we use the language of mind to consistently achieve any specific and desired outcome on a daily basis becomes a pattern.



When you Travel – the unknown, you step out of your comfort zone, you interrupt your internal pattern.

The nervous system (The mind) – processes our experience through our five senses: – you hear feel and see beauty in to world (outside) because you hear, feel and see beauty with in. This is called the mirror reflection of your mind.


(1) Visual 

– Imagine, sitting with a glass of wine on the patio of your hotel in Paris overlooking – the incredible Effiel Tower, glowing in the distance.


(2) Auditory

– You are busting some of your very best moves to the sounds of an Ed Sheeran concert in Italy.


(3) Kinesthetic

– Feel the very first drop of snow on your skin in Austria.


(4) Olfactory

– Close your eyes, tell me all the flavors of Mexico you can taste, in that Chicken Mole.


(5) Gustatory

– My favorite is walking past bakeries anywhere in the world, first thing in the morning, no one is awake. The smell of freshly baked pastry and bread is mouthwatering.



When I went on my very first solo trip, I was full of all these negative emotions. Of not having a good time, not been able to have my breakfast/ lunch or dinner alone, people laughing at me because I was eating alone. What will happen if I get lost, what will happen if I was attacked in an ally walking alone, what will happen if I miss the connecting bus or train or flight? Etc. etc. etc ….. I hated that solo trip. Sat in my hotel room looking out the window. Eating while walking because I did not want to sit alone. Did not talk to people because I didn’t want anyone to know I was alone. It was a horrible experience. I was determined to keep traveling, and I wanted to Travel Solo, so I learned how.


The Truth is after shifting my limiting beliefs; these things don’t even cross my mind. Trust me when I say this, this is not as simple as just thinking positively – because these emotions are triggers from your anger, fear, pain, hurt and guilt. Some of these emotions go back to your childhood.



There are many different stages of mental health. If you are experiencing anxiety, which is the fear of the “FUTURE” ……….. then Traveling the unknown will help. I have had personal experience of this – “ANXIETY.” Here is how I can help you with your anxiety before you get yourself on that plane to experience the unknown and face your fears. I can help you – Change your Mindset – by working on your negative emotions, limiting beliefs and creating the future you want.


To have self love, you must know who you are. To know who you are, you must go on a self discovery journey. Best place to start your selff dicovery jouney is join me at my Retreat. Self love is the end product of true self acceptance, self worth and self respect.

#Travelquote: “Anxiety is a warning from the UNCONSCIOUS MIND to FOCUS on what you really want.”


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