Safety!!!! Yes, the most important thing when you are traveling solo. There are many great ways of traveling solo and staying safe. The one I highly recommend, especially if it’s your very first Solo trip overseas is a guided tour.

Solo Travel

I know a lot of you have the wrong impression about guided tours.
(1) They are for young and stupid, out to party and drink every night
(2) They are for old couples, physically challenged or for the rich
(3) There is no time to do what I want

If the tour is picked wisely and with the right company, you can enjoy your travel in a safe environment and come home happy with nothing but beautiful memories.

I did my tour with Trafalgar before I picked this company I research for over 4 months, comparing the cost, the duration of the tours, the inclusions and the hotels and transfers from airports. When I finally decided to go with Trafalgar, it took me another 2 months to decide which tour I wanted to do. I decided to do European Traveller 7nights / 8 days with Trafalgar.

European Traveller 

Travel Safe and Travel Smart

Solo Travel

Travelling from Australia to Europe, I wanted to get the most out of my very first European Experience. There were so many options and I wanted to do them all. But my bank balance made me realize I can only do one at a time… hahaha

My reasoning behind this choice was:

  • 8 days (Not too long, Not too short) if I did not like it, it’s only 8 days …haha
  • This tour started from London then Paris France, Lucerne Switzerland, Venice, Florence ended in Rome, Italy – all the places I really wanted to visit
  • The tour had the right balance, it gave options to do extra excursions at extra cost or you can choose to have free time, to do your own thing.
  • The tour included 4-star hotels, ok they were not in the city center’s but that did not bother me.
  • Breakfast was included, hot and cold selection of food and coffee
  • All the transfers where included, from the minute you hop on the bus at the Trafalgar office in London to when you get dropped of at the airport for your flight back.
  • Best part, my bag was carried for me, yes you heard me right, bag delivered to the room and picked up from your room. I loved this part …..hehe
  • A tour director was available for any information, support and help 24/7.
  • You get VIP treatment at all the attractions included or offered by Trafalgar, no waiting in cues or standing hours in line for tickets
  • Extra touches, each place you visit you get a taste of local insights with a local tour guide and local treats
  • I loved my time (spare time), to explore these amazing new places on my terms and pace.

Solo Travel

The tour was everything I wanted it to be and more, the fact that I woke up in one country i.e. France and went to sleep in another country i.e. Switzerland on the same day was fascinating and amazing. Luxury and comfortable drive through the countryside of France, arriving in Picture Perfect Lucerne, Speechless. Leaving Switzerland, the drive was nothing like I expected it to be, through tunnels and amazing mountains. Yes, there was a lot of driving but I loved it, it gave me time to sit back and reflect on my journey and really enjoy the scenery. Going through Italy’s countryside was surreal  …….. Florence, Venice, Rome, 8 days went so fast.

Solo Travelling is amazing, Alone is not Lonely

Solo Travelling is amazing, Alone is not Lonely

51 people from different parts of the world where on this tour, each one of them had different reasons for doing this tour. Most of them were traveling in couples or with family/friends. I was the only one on this tour traveling solo. Not for one second, I felt alone or overcrowded. 51 different personality, I was sure I will not get along with everyone. But people surprised me, I felt very blessed, I got along with everyone. Some of them are now my friends for life. Money can not buy this experience. I felt safe everywhere I went with the tour and on my own.

Trafalgar Tour group

Trafalgar Tour group

I have nothing but Respect for the Tour directors before I used to think that they are just glorified, babysitters. My tour director was a university graduate, full of information on history, culture, politics, economics and local stories. His ability to deal with all different personality, ages, cultural backgrounds and language barriers, just amazed me. He loved watching us fall in love with the places he loved and was so passionate about. He was always professional, there were times when a guest would not get back on the bus on time or listen to instructions properly which would delay the rest of the activities for the day. If it was me looking after the tour, I would have definitely left a few people behind… haha. The tour was amazing but the tour director made the tour an unforgettable experience.

Solo Travel

The extra activities offered at extra cost was a perfect addition to give me more insight experience of each country.
In Paris, I enjoyed a night at Moulin Rouge Cabaret And Dinner – the night of glamor and music

Paris - Mouline Rouge

In Switzerland, I enjoyed watching the most magnificent sunrise over the Mount Stanserhorn

In Florence, I had a beautiful night on the Tuscan hills and dinner under the stars – the night of romance

In Venice, I enjoyed a magical private water taxi ride and a Gondola Ride – afternoon full of magic

In Rome, we visited Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Pia Navona, Sistine Chapel and Colosseum – day full of history


The best 8 days of my life, I visited 4 countries, I ate a lot, I drank a lot, I laughed a lot and I lived in the moment ……. this trip gave my life a new meaning…… live life with passion. There is a saying ….. you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear …… but you can not tell your heart what to feel…. heart feels what it feels…….

#Travelquote: “I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” – Caskie Stinnett


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