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FINDING ME, MYSELF AND I ... journey to loving your authentic self.

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Finding Me, Myself and I have received a 5 Star Review from Readers' Favourite


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Finding Me, Myself and I,

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3 reviews for Book – Finding Me Myself And I

  1. Coral Mary Horton

    Thank you Yogita for sharing your story with us all. It shows how to overcome early difficulties and rise above it all to a better us!!! A very enjoyable read.

  2. Tracy Tully

    An amazing little book full of insight that inspired me to “love my authentic self”. I read Yogita’s book “Finding Me, Myself and I: Journey to Loving Your Authentic Self” on my flight from Egypt to Australia. It was really defining! I thought I had it all figured out, but boy, was I wrong! When I finished reading Yogita’s beautiful book, I knew immediately the direction that my life needed to go. I highly recommend reading this book if you are travelling for the first time overseas, a solo female traveler or you’re looking for inspiration to take you to the next level!

  3. Yogita Ridgley

    5 – Star Review From Readers’ Favorite
    Finding Me, Myself and I: Journey to Loving your Authentic Self by Yogita Ridgley is an engaging memoir of the author’s journey of self-discovery, acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love. Self-critical thoughts can cause anxiety, and the author’s quest to take control of her life will motivate and encourage readers to beat all the odds, realize how their weaknesses have made them stronger, and leave their emotional baggage filled with guilt, depression, anger, and fear. She speaks of 30 years of her life where she lived with a sense of not being loved, and how her teacher’s constant saying she was not good enough affected her thinking, caused her so much pain, and made her slowly become someone she actually was not.
    Finding Me, Myself and I is uplifting, motivating, and encouraging, and gives hope to readers who have been made to feel they are worthless to understand and love their true selves confidently. The book is raw, straightforward, and honest, and will strike a chord with many readers who will be able to find the author’s story real and relatable. Yogita Ridgley speaks about her 30 years of living without self-worth, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love; the author is very honest in how she looked at life and how keeping a journal helped her release her emotions from her body. Yogita Ridgley’s story will encourage readers to break the cycle and create a life by activating the powers of compassion, tolerance, grace, intuition, patience, nurturing, creativity, fierceness, and forgiveness. The Five Stages of Self-Discovery based on her own life experience are helpful for readers when it comes to focusing on the end goal of processing their inner goals and minds so that they end up loving themselves.

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Finding Me, Myself and I will move you at the deepest level as you follow Yogita’s journey of self-discovery, that takes her back to the core of her pain – a moment in childhood that changed the course of her life – through to harnessing the power of being free and unapologetically true to herself.