HOW CAN YOU AFFORD TO TRAVEL??? I get asked this question all the time.


Do a Budget –

Put all your income and your expenses on a spreadsheet. Including small expense like getting coffee on the run or picking up chocolate for a little treat. Go through your expenses – start cutting cost, YES be ruthless…..with one GOAL In mind – TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL ….. 🙂


I found these expenses easy to manage to help me save:

(1) Cut out takeaway coffee or going out for coffee (yes, I know this isn’t going to pay for traveling the world but it all adds up at the end).

(2) Cut the landline phone (Cell phone is all you need, find the cheapest deal and go with pay as you go /prepay instead of a contract)

(3) Let go of the cable TV (You can get lots of Free entertainment on internet, plus other options are reading, card games and my favorite – charades)

(4) Watch your electricity usage (Don’t use heating, cooling, dryer, switch off the power points,  to keep, cool open window, spend more time outside in cool fresh air / to keep warm, wear sweater or use blankets)

(5) Ditch the Gym (running, swimming, skipping, hiking, yoga are all free



(6) Stop throwing money away. Stop going out to bars / Pubs (Alcohol is the biggest waste of money) Instead have few people over for a BBQ and drinks – BYO everything. This is a fun way to socialize.

(7) Cook at home (Take outs and going out for dinner is so expensive and so bad for your health) Cook more than needed so you can take the leftover for lunch or have it next day. Make sandwiches or bake for your lunch and snacks. Food is the best way and fastest way to save money.

(8) Going out to Movies, Ok I have to admit, I love going to movies, go on cheap nights, have dinner at home before going out. Join the VIP club to get freebies.

(9) Compare prices and shop around for everything from food to household items. Buy in bulk to save, e.g. washing powder, toilet paper, pasta, rice, tinned food, coffee etc. Don’t be scared to get second-hand things.

(10) The Internet is a big expense for some people, everyone has to have a fast speed, movies on the go etc etc…. shop for the cheapest deal for your need.

(11) Save on petrol/gas by organizing yourself, do one trip and get all your needs/ chores done for the week. If driving to work, look for other cheaper options, carpool, walk, bike etc.


(12) No more going shopping – You do not need the latest fashion hang bag, shoes, dress, make up etc.



I know this looks like or sounds like I do not have a life, to be totally honest, I am a lot more productive and happier than ever before. I am more active and having so much fun hanging out with people I love at home, I am now more creative with my times and with my energy, I have picked up amazing cooking styles and ideas through my travels, last but not least … I can TRAVEL, experience and see the world.




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