When starting out as a Solo Traveler, it is smart to research well and take a calculated risk. Solo Traveling is fun but you do not want to encounter a bad experience on your very first trip. With experience, you will learn what to expect and what to do ‚Ķ. learn to crawl before you walk ūüôā …also always listen to your gut instincts.


It is brave to visit safe countries first.



In Iceland will impress you with the landscape that is second to none, experience solitary moments in a safe atmosphere and enjoy the ultimate midnight sun here.   


New Zealand

Besides being safe, there are so many reasons to visit New Zealand, natural wonders are absolutely mind blowing together with great food and friendly people, New Zealand will steal your heart.



You will be a loss for words here, biggest contrast, from hot and dry to cold and wet, Big cities to beautiful reefs and beaches, the most dangerous things in Australia is its wildlife.



A small tropical island paradise in the south pacific, full of nature and beauty, people welcome tourist with open arms and appreciate the fact you have chosen to visit there country.



There is no place like this, different culture, food and history come together and live in harmony.



Majestic natural wonders and safe welcoming environment will make your visit one that you will remember forever. The culture and food are second to none.



When in Ireland you must live in the moment, that sexy accent will defiantly steal your heart, the rich history, and happy go lucky lifestyle … makes Ireland, not just safe but also much fun.



This landlocked country has the most beautiful lakes and landscape, will not only make you feel safe but will make you feel welcome



Place like no other, from the culture, food and welcoming friendly people will make your visit a wonderful experience.



Stunning Norwegian landscapes together with history and safe environment makes this place an amazing place to visit.


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