One of the “must visits” when in Spain is Mountain Montserrat. Whether you are a believer or not this place will take your breath away. This spectacularly beautiful mountain is about an hours drive North West from Barcelona.

It’s a great addition to your visit to Barcelona, you can get to Montserrat by car, guided tour bus or by train, train is the cheapest option. If you do take the train, you can get a Cable car or Rack Railway from the train station at Montserrat to get to the top of the mountain. Montserrat Monastery is not just a hikers dreams, this place holds significant religious importance to spanish people and Christians all over the world.


Amazing view of Barcelona and its surroundings

For me, I was lucky enough to have met an amazing person who was not just passionate about his town and culture but also had the biggest heart to take time off, to show me around. Here I am on the back of a motorcycle, that’s right, not a scooter, a powerful machine between my legs, Haha…  off I go to Montserrat, riding up that mountain on a motorcycle, I promise you, that truly was the best. The open road, the earthy smell, fresh cool breeze blowing on your face as you ride up this mountain at speed, feeling the acceleration of the bike, the pleasure of the ride and the beauty of the surroundings, I was in total harmony, one of the best rides I had done.


Soulful and historic Chapel

For the believers, Benedictine Monks retreat at Montserrat, you will hear the stories about the Holy Grotto and the visit of Virgin Mary, here newly weds pledge their vows to the mystical Black Virgin and the world-famous Montserrat Choir boys recitals right here amonst these beautiful mountain ranges. This mountain is referred to as the Sacred mountain of Catalonia. When I heard the Montserrat monastery church bell eco through the mountain ranges, I had to stop. The purity of the sound and the magic of the mountain is something you just have to experience, it can not be described in words.


Mountain Montserrat, different and unique rock formations

For non believers, you will be astonished with the natural beauty, the peace and tranquility of this mountain. I spent the day at  Mountain Montserrat and enjoyed every moment of it. Best way to get the most out of your trip is to get to the top of the mountain, from there you have a choice of different walks you can do, these walks are amazing and you haven’t seen anything if you haven’t walked on these trails, you will get to admire the magnificent views of some of the most unusual rock formations of Catalonia and feel the magical vibes of these mountains. The history of Montserrat is  rich in beliefs and religion, it goes back to 880, imagine how many stories these mountains hold within them.


Mountain Montserrat, Amazing walking Trails

As I am walking through the track, making my way around the mountain, I notice these magnificent colours of light reflecting and coming in through the valleys of the mountain. These rays of light seem to have an energy that I haven’t felt before, was is the nature at its best or was it me at my true being. Which ever the reason it might have been I truly loved the experience and I was very glad that I made the effort to do the walk.


Delightful and yummy seafood, Spanish style

After the walk, you can enjoy shopping  for souvenirs or  enjoy shopping in the markets for all local produce, the cheese tasting is to die for and you can have a relaxing lunch in one of the cafes over looking all of Barcelona.
Do watch your belongings, keep all your money and card in a safe place, unfortunately this place has a very high rate of pick pocketing. Like anywhere in Europe you have to be a smart traveller at all times, especially when you are travelling solo.

I am more a beach person then a mountain person. I can easily sit on the beach watch the surf crashing on the shore and dream the day away. I almost did not visit this mountain so I could have another day on the Barcelona beach. I am so glad I took this trip, An hour was nothing. I totally recommend a visit to this extraordinary mountain. Plus I did spend the evening on the Barcelona beach drinking Sangria, a famous Spanish drink, sweet mix of red wine, a bit of brandy and if made correctly, aged fruit. Enjoying the company of my new travel friends. What a perfect way to end the perfect day.



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