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Mental health – the subject no one wants to talk about. Brain is classed as dark and mysterious. It is a medical term used by doctors, not a term normal people like you and I would use.

Why is that the case????

To some it means – eating well, exercising, sleeping well etc This is more for a need to look good.

Interesting how we spend so much time on our appearance. The need to get attention or been appreciated drives us humans to make some very bad choices. We starve ourselves, we do quick weight loss programs, we stay in bad relationships, we don’t agree with our people in our lives but our unknown need and desire to be loved by others stops us from standing up for ourselves, we wear so much makeup, we wear expensive clothes, we even go to the extend of getting plastic surgery, implants etc…..we spend so much time and money on material things, buy big fancy house, buy the latest model car etc for what????

It makes us FEEL GOOD / HAPPY, but isn’t this feel good / happiness very short lived. WHY????

Brain – Mental Health is the key to all – we need a balance in life, healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul.

I want to make people aware of this illness and get people more involved. You don’t have to donate money, there are many other ways to help. Look up the closed Mental Health organisation to you and ask them what can you do to help. Every one of us is affected by this illness at some point in our lives. Some more then the others, this is a cause that can help, improve and save lives, young or old ……. so please join me, for one act of selfless work… even if it is only once a year ………

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Life is about our Souls finding its true purpose no matter what disabilities or limitation we might have; it is not enough to STOP us from living our dream. LET ME HELP YOU LIVE YOUR DREAM ?

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