India, the land of the vast landscapes; from rolling hills, Himalayans peaks, lakes, rivers, desert, and beaches. You name it, India has it. Rich in culture and history. The Mughal Empire landmarks date back five millennia.




The Golden Triangle is the most traveled route in India. With my 15 day Itinerary, you can enjoy the golden triangle together with Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the jewel in Indian’s crown; This beautiful state attracts tourist from all over the world to see and admire the fairy tale palaces, the majestic forts, colorful festivals and its fantastic dessert.



Fly in and out of New Delhi.

Spend three days / two nights in New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India. There are numerous tourist attractions in Delhi, both historical and modern. There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Delhi. This city is exciting, fun and scary all wrapped up in one.

Travel Agra in India on a solo travel adventure.


Catch a Train from New Delhi to Agra


Spend 2 days / 1 night in Agra

Agra is one of the most visited cities in India. You will find Agra in northern India, Uttar Pradesh state. People come from all over the world to Agra for one reason; this town is famous because it is home to the iconic Taj Mahal.



Rest of the journey you can do by tour bus or private car


Spend three days / two nights in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Indian’s Rajasthan state, also known as the Pink City. Up to 1727, this State was ruled by the royal family. This place is known for its forts, palaces, handicrafts, jewelry, fabrics, and carpets. As you drive into this beautiful city of Jaipur, you will notice all the walls are pink, hence Pink city.



Spend two days / one night in Mandawa


In the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, you will find a little town called Mandawa. Mandawa is known for its fascinating Forts and Havelis.



Spend 2 days / one night in Bikaner

Bikaner is a best-kept secret of Rajasthan. Not very popular with the tourist’s yet, but it will be just a matter of time before this will change. The town is different from the rest of desert state of Rajasthan.



Spend three days / two nights in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, also known as the Golden City. Why golden city? As you drive into this former medieval trading center, you will notice this beautiful sun-kissed distinguished massive fort standing tall in the middle of the Thar desert, glowing with the rays of the sun like gold.



Spend two days / one night in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, is also known as the Blue City. It is a fantastic and mesmerizing sight driving into Jodhpur. As far as your eyes can see, every building, palaces, temples, Havelis and even houses are all painted in beautiful sapphire blue.



Spend three days / four nights in Udaipur

Driving into Udaipur was a thrilling adventure, up and down the rolling hills of Aravalli until my eyes spied some beautiful lakes in the distance. Udaipur is known as the “Venice of the East.





From Udaipur Fly back to New Dehli

Stay another night in New Dehli if you wish to fly back home.


Remember the local flights have weight restrictions on your language, check with the airline you are flying. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra at check-in.

Traveling the unknown is the best classroom in the world. I have learned so much from this trip. An open mind and open heart is the secret to all things traveling.



#Travelquote: “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher


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