Five Destinations Where You Can Celebrate Christmas On The Beach

Living in the southern hemisphere, I have always had Christmas in summer. As a child, my Christmas memories are putting my swimmers and heading down to the beach on Christmas morning.



Building a sand castle with the family, playing volleyball on the sand, swimming, bodyboarding and just having fun.  For lunch, my dad would BBQ prawns, while mum and I would set up the picnic table with all the beautiful Christmas decorations in 28-32 degree Celsius heat. I remember it like it was just yesterday, my little fingers trying to peel the prawns, it took me forever. My favourite part was after lunch when all the kids got Christmas cakes with raspberry lemonade. I just love Christmas cake. Covered in sand, kissed by the sun and wash by the ocean, our little bodies would be tired but I, even then, never want to go home. The evening was spent sitting out in the backyard, singing songs, telling jokes and playing card games. After 30 years or so not much has changed except now, I am (sorta) an adult, which is not as much fun as it was when I was a child.



If you have dreamed of having a warm summer Christmas experience, sinking your toes in the sand while sipping cocktails on the beach, here are some excellent places you can visit.




(1) New Zealand

This fantastic aesthetic wonderland filled with rich culture, naturally beautiful lakes, mountains, and beaches will steal your heart.



(2) Australia

You can be the judge of this big continent. The deserts, mountains, lakes, and beaches will for sure leave you impressed.



(3) Fiji

This beautiful island is called Paradise for a reason. Relax with the laid back Fijian culture, enjoy the beautiful blue of the Pacific ocean and indulge in the Fijian hospitality.



(4) Hawaii

The sun-kissed beaches and Hawaiian culture are what people from all over the world come to this great destination for, yet they get so much more. Famous for a great family getaway.



(5) Bali

Beaches and Balinese culture are awaiting you in Bali for a different Christmas experience. Famous for cheap family holidays.



#Travelquote: “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.” – Babs Hoffman


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