Discover the Beauty of Teton National Park

You might ask what Teton is? Great question, French trappers are responsible for naming the three peaks – now known as the South, Middle, and Grand Teton. French called the mountains “Les Trois Tetons” meaning The Three Breasts. The Grand Teton (the tallest of the three, actually means big tit).

Grand Teton National Park is located in northwestern, Wyoming. North of my favorite town Jackson Hole, Wyoming and South of Yellowstone National Park.


Teton National Park is abundant with extraordinary wildlife, alpine terrain, pristine lakes, and Mountain range. The locals call these mountains – mountains of the imagination. Here you can explore over two hundred miles of trails and hiking tracks. Float the Snake River admiring the natural beauty of the surrounding and taking in the serenity of this magical place. It is a popular destination in summer for hiking, fishing, and country-style camping.


Some Fun Fact about Teton National Park

(1) The Teton Range stands 65 km long and 11- 15 meters wide.
(2) The highest peak is The Grand Teton – standing 4198 meters high.
(3) The climate here is – extreme high at 34 degrees Celsius and extreme low at -43 degrees Celsius.
(4) Snake River is headwaters of the Columbia River system, 1056 miles long and approximately 50 miles lie within Grand Teton National Park.
(5) You will find 7 lakes at the base of the Teton Range. Lake Jackson, Lake Leigh, Lake String, Lake Jenny, Lake Bradley, Lake Taggart, and Lake Phelps.


How to get to Teton National Park

(1) Fly into Salt Lake City, Utah. You can fly into Jackson Hole Airport by commercial or charter air service. From the airport, you will need to catch a local taxi or Airport Shuttle or Rental Car.
(2) Drive
(3) Tour Bus




Things to do in Teton National Park


(1) Grand Teton Small-Group Wildlife Safari

By BrushBuck Wildlife Tours
Get a spectacular look at the wildlife that inhabits Grand Teton National Park on tour through the twilight scenery.


(2) Hiking

If you are looking for small trails to hike due to time restriction – your best options will be Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. For those who have time for full-day hikes, I would suggest, Cascade Canyon, Death Canyon or Paintbrush Canyon – on these trails you will experience towering granite peaks and beautiful remote lakes.


(3) The 42 Mile Scenic Loop Drive

On this drive you will be about to see Jenny Lake, Schwabacher’s Landing, Snake River Overlook, Cunningham cabin, the single mountain Summit Road and many more surprises on the way, make sure you stop and enjoy the view, take some photos.


(4) Scenic Rafting on the Snake River

Best time to go is first thing in the morning, you will see wildlife such as moose, beavers, eagles, etc. and the view of the mountain range is just to die for.


(5) Sunset Tour in Grand Teton National Park

By Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures
Explore the jagged peaks and extensive forests in the magical hours around sunset on this evening excursion into Grand Teton National Park.


(6) Horseback Riding

There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful then trotting away on the trails of these magnificent mountain ranges, enjoying the views of the lakes, rivers, and mountains and taking in all the energy of the nature.


(7) Fishing

You can enjoy either Fly fishing or lake fishing in Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake or the Snake River. Fishing in the park required a Wyoming state fishing license.


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