Loving Me, Myself and I – Time

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Health 

Workshops in-person/online.

These workshops are design to help you with Loving Me, Myself and I (The most Important person in the World)

– Learn new skills on how to shift your mindset for better you, happier you and healther you.

– Keep your self accountable and motivated

– Gives you time to work on you and on your goals

On line workshop / mastermind session is 45 – 60 mins

There is a series of 12 topics – one per month.

For more information you can email us yogitaridgley@gmail.com

Online is $29 each or 12 for $240.00

In person workshops / mastermind classes are 2-3 hours, In person is going to depend on restrictions / venue / numbers – please check with me.





Allow Yourself to be YOU – Authentic You.





Fake confidence 

Self doubt


Self Sabotage

Impostor Syndrome 

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Life is about our Souls finding its true purpose no matter what disabilities or limitation we might have; it is not enough to STOP us from living our dream. LET ME HELP YOU LIVE YOUR DREAM ?

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