Costa Del Sol

Kosta Del Sol, as the Spanish would say. This coastal beauty is located in the south of Spain. Costa Del Sol truly is as exotic as it sounds. This little gem attracts tourists like flowers attract bees.

You might ask why is Costa Del Sol such a popular tourist destination. Well, let’s see, Is it the Sun or is it the Surf or is it the Sangria?  Well, I think it’s all of the above and not to mention some of the best beaches in Spain, the history, mouth-watering seafood and rich culture.


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The coastline of Costa Del Sol, which is in the Andalucia region, stretches from Almeria to Tarifa. The capital of Andalucia region is Malaga.

The locals do say the high rises, and tourism has changed the place over the years. Even though there is all these modern deco of everything money can buy, the locals have preserved the history and the culture with so much pride.

On my drive along the coastline, I loved seeing the old school fishing boats, little villages and old style dinners, it was like time sat still in some ways.


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There is something for every taste and budget here, whether you are traveling with family, with a partner, for business or solo like me, you will enjoy the hospitality of Costa Del Sol.



Must visit/do when in City of Malaga

(1) Alcazaba fort, Travel back in time, built in the eleventh century by the king of Taifas Berber.

(2) Malaga Cathedral – this is a must visit, even though there are thousands of Cathedral in Europe, this one will definitely impress you.

(3) Museo Picasso (Picasso Museum) talk about artistic who thought outside the square, a visit to this museum left me speechless and inspired

(4) People watch at The Plazza de la Merced – square full of action, music, dance…. you can enjoy tapas with drink or coffee. You will find the house where painter Pablo Picasso was born is located on the corner of this square.


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(5) Pose for a photo with Picasso 🙂


Must visit/do in Costa Del Sol

(1) Torremolinos town – known for it’s two most popular sandy beaches and crystal blue Mediterranean sea. Must visit beaches El Bajondillo and La Carihuela

(2) You will also find great nightlife, dining, and shopping on Calle San Miguel.

(3) Benalmadena town – more family-friendly and know for its marina, beaches, Tivoli World theme park and the modern Puerto Marina which is where you will find the Sea Life Benalmádena aquarium.

(4) Take a ride on the cable car to the mountain peak

(5) Marbella town – this is more for rich and famous, 27 km of sandy Mediterranean beaches, The Sierra Blanca Mountains, Puerto Banus marina is popular for the luxury yachts, classy cafes, upmarket shopping, cosmopolitan bars, and nightlife.

(6) Nerja town – less touristy but just as beautiful, of cause there is a beach in this town as well, beautiful lush mountain range and little Villiage (Frigiliana). The whitewashed building and the narrow streets give this village a very romantic vibe.

(7) Must do a hike/walk to Nerja caves, this is truly the highlight of the visit


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(8) Last but not least, there are over 60 golf courses in Costa Del Sol, you have to get a game in just to say you have played Golf in Costa Del Sol, even if you are not a golfer.


#Travelquote: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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