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Sometimes you may not have anyone to travel with. Or maybe you need time away from your busy life. Or perhaps you’re seeking something – adventure or personal growth. Traveling with Me, Myself and I can give solo female travellers all of that and more.

Traveling with Me, Myself and I

Traveling has two meanings:

One – Traveling through your life. Solo travel gets you out of your head and into the moment.

Two – Traveling the world. Solo travel gets you out of your comfort zone and into adventure.

How My Journey Began

My journey as a solo female traveller started when I found myself seeking a fulfilling, meaningful life free of struggle, pain, anxiety and depression. After my very first solo trip to London, I fell in love with solo travel. I love getting lost, exploring the unknown and seeing things I haven’t seen before. Experiencing things I haven’t done before fills me with joy. And the feelings and emotions that I get on my adventures make me feel alive and free.

Solo travel has been a big part of my personal development journey. It not only awakens all your senses but it also challenges your beliefs and your limitations. We all have these restrictions that define us as people and stop us from feeling free, happy and successful in life. 






One-on-One Coaching

A personal development program for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.


Mastering The Art of Self Discovery. This retreat  is designed to connect within, find your authentic power and love your authentic self.

Group Tour

Step out of your comfort zone. Join me and other like-minded women and explore the world with an open mind and heart.

International Speaker

Award-winning international speaker. I’m available for keynotes or guest speaking. 

Travel Shop

 Search for your next flight, accommodation and tour options. If you have any questions, please email me for assistance.

The Book

Finding Me, Myself and I: Journey to loving your Authentic Self

Create Your Own Memories

Start planning your solo female travel today.

Why travel or work with Traveling with Me, Myself and I

About Me

I am a successful businesswoman, CEO and the founder of Traveling with Me, Myself and I. But more importantly, I am a woman who loves to travel and grow personally in the process. Traveling with Me, Myself and I offers group tours for solo female travellers, retreats and, of course, personal development through travel and mindset.

I wear a few different hats. I’m a solo travel specialist, personal development strategist, an award-winning international speaker, a #1 best-selling author and a blogger, with over a decade of solo female traveling experience.

Female Change Maker

In 2020 I was proud to be featured in one of Australia’s top female empowerment magazines as a “Female Change Maker”. And I was also a finalist for the Innovative Business and Leadership Award. I’m incredibly passionate about mental health, wellbeing and dyslexia awareness, and am an advocate for these issues in my personal and professional life.

Passionate About Solo Female Travel

My mission is to get every woman to play the role of “ME” without mask or pretence. I do this through my passion for solo female travel to self-discovery, which helps every woman “BE YOU”. Underlying all this is my vision to create a world of LOVE – starting with self-love by helping women to unleash the power of “THE AUTHENTIC SELF”.

For more information on me visit my About page.




Join me at the Retreat

Transform your mind, body, soul and heart connection

What Our Customers

Say about us

“Had a great trip to India with Yogita in February. She made great traveling arrangements and was a great traveling companion.”

Jo Marshall

I have used this service to help me organise my first tour to India, which was amazing. Highly recommend the tips and travel advice and booking service whether you are looking to travel completely solo or want assistance in organising a tour to join. Very professional but friendly and flexible and willing to listen to your individual needs.

Lyn Gavin

Yogita helped me organise my first solo trip to Spain, which was amazing. Her insight on Solo Traveling, and her experiance is  exceptional. I also did one to one mindset coaching with her before going on my trip. I was really fearful of this new part of my life. Working with Yogita was the best thing I did for myself. I hightly recomment Yogita

Julia Moon

I hated the idea of solo travel because I have been suffereing from depression and have always hated been on my own. After I met Yogita in Hong Kong, I started working with her, she help me shift my mindset and now I travel everywhere with family and solo. I hightly recomment Yogita

Angela Wu

First time travelling on my own and going to a country steeped in cultural restraints for western women. I was scared and feeling very vulnerable and then I spoke to my wonderful friend, Yogita Ridgely! She waved her magic wand and EVERYTHING was sorted in a blink of an eye! The best travel insurance, flights, accommodation, transport and the most exciting tours! I am excited! Yogita planned times to advise me on what and what not to do. She shared so many tips and tricks that now I am feeling confident in travelling to Cairo on my own! I highly recommend Yogita’s travel company and you’re in excellent hands Travelling With Me myself and I” an absolute MUST to have on your shelf if you’re travelling or to gift as a present Thank you Yogita!

Tracy Tully

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