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Do you find yourself procrastinating?
Do you have money problems?
Are you struggling with your relationships, such as marriage, children or workplace relationships?
Are you sick of working hard and not achieving what you want?
Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?
Are you sick of negative self-talk and self-sabotage?
Are you sick of missing out on life-changing opportunities?
Have you lost a loved one /your marriage has ended/ you have been cheated on & you find it hard to move on?
Are you in toxic relationship with yourself?

You don’t have to continue on this way. Join the 12-Week Personal Development Program and learn the personal development skills you need to craft a well-balanced, enjoyable and successful life.

Personal Development with Yogita Ridgley
Yogita Ridgley
Yogita Ridgley
Yogita Ridgley
Yogita Ridgley
 It’s Time to Unleash the Power of Your Authentic Self

How Can I Help You?

All permanent behaviour changes occurs in the unconscious mind. This is where your beliefs are stored. You can change a person’s behaviour. But if there is an unconscious belief that conflicts with that change they will always experience an inner conflict because they are fighting who they are at the deep unconscious level.

To make any change permanent you must make it in the subconscious mind where all permanent behaviour change occurs. You must also make a shift in your identity that is consistent with the behaviour you are changing. Throughout the Personal Development Program we use the skills and knowledge of  Yoga science, NLP and TimeLine Therapy ®, Neuro Science and Ayurvedic Science. This is custome designed programe to help you with your personal needs and desires.

Your subconscious mind is over one million times more powerful than your conscious mind. It holds the key to the door you want to open.

Free Consultation - Personal Development

During your free personal development consultation, we’ll unpack all that has been holding you back and limiting you from living your potential. We will discover your patterns and state and how your mind processes the internal representation of your outside world. Then we will determine the cause of these problems and focus on your behaviour. How and why you have been making your life choices the way you have in the past.

This is the beginning of understanding the personal development skills you need to live a life full of promise.


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Here we will work on your achieving a good mental health, emotional health, spiritual and physical well-being. We will work on the techniques required to maintain your healthy mindset and build personal development skills. You will learn how to get clarity and focus on your goals. You will with skills so you can put your goals in action and achieved them. These tools will help you navigate your way around your busy and crazy life style.



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Here we will be working on the total rejuvenation and revitalisation of your body, mind and soul. We will deep dive within and start the journey of self discovery. You will work on your strengths and weaknesses, your habits and patterns and your values and believes  You will learn skills to use in your everyday lifes to continue your self discovery jounery after the retreat. How to meditate, how to enhance your strengths and how to manage your weakeness. You will also get the chance to connect with similar minded people and with me.
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